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    Download this month’s new releases including the latest Special Issues on applications of fluorescence in surgery and interventional diagnostics, the influence of muscle-tendon interaction on aging and disease, the impact of microplastics in marine environments, new perspectives on social interaction in neuropsychiatry, recent advances in mass producing gluten free foods and many more! All eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.

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    Synaptic Loss and Neurodegeneration
    Edited by Marie-Ève Tremblay; Jaichandar (Jai) Subramanian
    The Baltic Sea Region in Transition
    Edited by Marcus Reckermann; Markus Meier; Martin Stendel
    Conservation and Management of Large Carnivores – Local Insights for Global Challenges
    Edited by Tasos Hovardas; Stephen Redpath; José Vicente López-Bao; Vincenzo Penteriani; Arie Trouwborst
    Energy Market and Energy Transition: Dynamics and Prospects
    Edited by Xunpeng (Roc) Shi; Phoumin Han; Qiang Ji; Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary; Dayong Zhang
    Microplastics in the Marine Environment: Sources, Distribution, Biological Effects and Socio-Economic Impacts
    Edited by André Ricardo Araújo Lima; Juliana Assunção Ivar do Sul; João P. G. L. Frias; Cristina Panti
    Toward a More Representative Brain: the Importance and Absence of Diversity in Human Neuroscience Research Across the Lifespan
    Edited by Lisa L Barnes; Audrey Duarte; Margaret A Sheridan; M. Natasha Rajah
    Brain-Targeted Autoimmunity: Beyond Multiple Sclerosis
    Edited by Serge Nataf; Roland S. LIBLAU; Guillaume DOROTHEE; Stéphane Hunot
    Sensory Processing Across the Lifespan: A 25-Year Initiative to Understand Neurophysiology, Behaviors and Treatment Effectiveness for Sensory Processing
    Edited by Lucy Jane Miller; Elysa Jill Marco; Stephen Camarata
    Science and Applications of Coastal Remote Sensing
    Edited by Kevin Ross Turpie; Tiffany Kay Moisan; Kristin B. Byrd; Steven G. Ackleson
    Contact mechanics perspective of tribology
    Edited by Irina Goryacheva; Marco Paggi; Valentin L. Popov
    HIV-1 Genetic Diversity
    Edited by Kok Keng Tee; Joris Hemelaar; Michael M Thomson
    Frontiers in Neurorobotics – Editor’s Pick 2021
    Edited by Florian Röhrbein
    Interactions of the Nervous System with Bacteria
    Edited by Elisa L Hill-Yardin; Mastura Monif; Andreas Martin Grabrucker; Ruth Ann Luna; Ashley Edwin Franks
    Gluten, from Plant to Plate: Implications for People with Celiac Disease
    Edited by Michelle Lisa Colgrave; Katharina Anne Scherf; Melanie Downs; Alberto Caminero
    Emerging Biomarkers for NSCLC: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Therapy
    Edited by Umberto Malapelle; Etienne Giroux Leprieur, MD, PhD; Christian Rolfo, MD, PhD, MBA; Paul Takam Kamga; Marius Tresor Chiasseu
    Systems Pharmacology and Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Edited by Aiping Lu; Yonghua Wang; Wei Zhou
    Blood Flow Restriction: Rehabilitation to Performance
    Edited by Stephen D Patterson; Jamie F Burr; Stuart Warmington
    Muscle and Tendon Plasticity and Interaction in Physiological and Pathological Conditions
    Edited by Adamantios Arampatzis; Kiros Karamanidis; Olivier Seynnes; Sebastian Bohm; Falk Mersmann
    Social Interaction in Neuropsychiatry
    Edited by Leonhard Schilbach; Danilo Bzdok; Victoria Leong; Elizabeth Redcay; Frieder Michel Paulus; Kevin A Pelphrey
    Explicit and Implicit Emotion Processing: Neural Basis, Perceptual and Cognitive Mechanisms
    Edited by Giulia Mattavelli; Alessia Celeghin; Noemi Mazzoni
    Applications of Fluorescence in Surgery and Interventional Diagnostics
    Edited by Mark Preul; Evgenii Belykh; David Leslie Carr-Locke; Quyen Nguyen

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