10 Affordable Trends a Mom and Daughter Swear By


Melissa Meyers and her daughter Rachel both have inspiring feeds that feature chic outfit ideas and shopping picks. While they each certainly wear a range of items, they love finding stylish, affordable pieces to complete their looks. On that note, the mother-daughter duo actually shared with us the specific trends they’re loving at the moment. And given that age is just a number and should have nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, they noted that they both live in the trends despite their 32-year age difference.

The trends in question are go-tos because of their versatile and forward nature and because they can actually be bought on the more affordable side. As a preview, we’re talking about everything from easy dresses that go with just about any shoe silhouette to chic layering items that can bring an extra dimension to an outfit. Keep scrolling to check out the under-$100 trends the Meyers swear by right now, complete with visual inspiration.

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