The Pyer Moss Met Gala After-Party Featured Lil’ Kim and Cheesecake


On the corner of Dekalb and Flatbush Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn—lovingly referred to by some as Cheesecake Corner—a line of black tie-clad partygoers snaked down the block outside of Junior’s. Lit by a glittering sign flashing the word COCKTAILS were legions of Pyer Moss fans, eager to see what the lauded American brand had cooked up for their post-Met Gala celebration. However, the atypical location—a family-friendly casual eatery known best for their decadent baked goods, namely cheesecake—was proof enough that this would be a party like no other.

Inside, the spectacle unfolded in a space reimagined by MVD, a creative agency most recently tapped by Kanye West to lead his “Donda” album launch activations. It became instantly clear by the towering stacks of speakers that a musical performance would be forthcoming. In the meantime, however, Pyer Moss founder Kerby Jean-Raymond could be found leading a dance circle with pals like A$AP Ferg, Cynthia Erivo, Naomi Osaka, and Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo, fueled by the ample cocktails and sweets making their way around the room.

It wasn’t until 2:00 am that Lil’ Kim took to the stage, donning thigh-high lace-up boots, a floor-length McQueen trench coat, and blinding heaps of diamond jewelry. The Brooklyn native was welcomed with open arms by a sea of fans, eager to hear her catalog of hits, including Teyana Taylor, who sang along from stage left. “I’m gonna ask you one more time,” Raymond said as the performance came to a close. “Is Brooklyn in the house?!” 

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