FlickType to Sue Apple Over Apple Watch Keyboard


The team behind the FlickType app is now planning on a lawsuit against Apple over the new QWERTY keyboard feature on the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7.

Following the unveiling of the next generation of Apple Watches, one of the new features to hit the platform is a built-in keyboard program that users can tap to reply to various messages or emails. Noting that its function and design are extremely similar to a previous app called FlickType, a Twitter user tagged the app development team and its founder Kosta Eleftheriou letting them know.

In response, Eleftheriou tweeted an older statement from Apple revealing that FlickType had been removed from the App Store for being in contravention of its review guidelines. The reason stated was simply that “the app is a keyboard for the Apple Watch,” but the founder now alleges that Apple removed it because it wanted to plagiarize and create an almost identical version itself. Eleftheriou also indicated his intentions to bring this to court, while Apple has yet to comment on the new controversy.

In other related news, Activision Blizzard has now been accused of intimidating its workings in relation to its ongoing legal battle with the California Department of Free Employment and Housing.

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