The 5 Best Fall Fashion Trends, Chosen By a Stylist


I always look to celebrity stylist Dani Michelle for her take on directional yet wearable trends that she’s regularly dressing her clients like Kendall Jenner in. It’s really just outfits I aspire to wear and I take so much inspiration from the looks she is styling. Recently, I chatted with the stylist to get her take on the biggest fall boot trends, the trendy basics she recommends to all of her clients, and the cool denim trends that will take on 2021. With fall on the mind, I also wanted to find out her take on the new season trends that she is most excited about and we’ll be seeing her clients dressed in.

Here, I’m highlighting the trends Dani Michelle is behind this season, from the cool way to wear suiting now to the shoe silhouette that is a must-buy. Ahead, see the five best trends from a stylist to add to your closet this season.

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