Issues on DG ISI appointment settled, says Fawad Chaudhry


Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry has said that issues related to the appointment of the new DG ISI have been settled.

He spoke to journalists after the meeting of PTI’s parliamentary party at the Parliament House on Thursday.

Earlier in a tweet, Chaudry downplayed the reports that Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to “interview” candidates before appointing a new DG ISI.

In a tweet on Thursday, Chaudhry said meetings between the prime minister and potential candidates before appointments on key positions were a “general tradition” and it was inappropriate to drag this process into controversy.

“The process for the appointment of the DG ISI would be completed soon. The game a particular faction wanted to play on the issue has failed. Now it is being said that the prime minister would hold interviews for the new DG ISI. A meeting before appointments on such positions is a general tradition. It is inappropriate to drag such a process into controversy,” the information minister said in the tweet.

On Wednesday, Chaudhry said that Prime Minister Imran Khan and COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa had completed consultations on the appointment of the new DG ISI and that the process for the appointment had begun.

There were also reports that the Prime Minister office (PMO) had received a summary containing three names.

The PMO was expected to issue a notification for the appointment of the new DG ISI on Thursday. However, there was no word from the Prime Minister House until afternoon.

Fawad Chaudhry is the only government official authorised to speak on civil-military issues, according to Interior Minister Shaikh Rashid Ahmed.

Citing a ministerial source, The News on Thursday claimed that the prime minister was likely to interview candidates.

Chaudhry says people were speculating only to earn their two minutes of fame.

He briefly spokes to journalists on Thursday and said that the process for the appointment of DG ISI has begun and it would be completed. “There is no rift between the government and the army. Everyone is on the same page,” he said.

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