The 30 Best Camel Coats on the Market


We love a good camel coat. But who doesn’t? It’s truly the perfect fall and winter clothing item. Goes with everything, can be dressed up or down, is timeless, looks expensive—these are a few of the many qualities this universal wardrobe staple possesses. Given the appeal, it’s no wonder there’s a slew of camel coat options from brands at every price point on the market. There are higher-end ones from brands like Toteme that have been favorited by our favorite celebrities and exude our luxe dreams but do come with a pretty high price point. It’s certainly something to aspire to, but in the meantime, We scoured the internet for the best less-expensive camel coats. Whether you invest in the pricier options below or go for one of the other more budget-friendly ones, you won’t be disappointed.

Keep scrolling to shop our favorite camel coats from $1000 to $50. Trust us when we say after buying one of the options below, it’ll be a staple in your closet for years to come.

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