Cat Reunited With Family After It Got Stuck in an Armchair They’d Donated to a Thrift Store



A family cat has been reunited with its owners after getting stuck in a reclining armchair that was donated to a thrift store.

The family were having a clear out of old furniture while preparing to move out of their home in Denver, Colorado.

They donated an old recliner to a local charity shop, but little did they know that ginger cat Montequlla had tucked himself away in the mechanism.

Employees from the shop discovered him meowing, and called Denver Animal Shelter to come and pick him up on New Year’s Eve.

Officer Jenna Humphreys scanned four-year-old Montequlla but unfortunately his microchip hadn’t been updated, so remained at the shop hoping his family would return.

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Fortunately, the family quickly noticed their kitty was missing and called the store to see if he’d hitched a ride in the armchair.


Just a few hours later, a grumpy Montequlla was reunited with his family at their home.

Officer Humphreys said, “The owners were crying with joy to have their cat returned.

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“Montequlla appeared relieved to be home.”


Denver Animal Shelter posted the reunion photos on Facebook, and said, “We are so happy for the ending to this story and are thankful to everyone involved in getting this sweet cat home safely.”

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