‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Wants To Know What Its Best And Worst Quests Were, Here Are Mine


Cyberpunk 2077 continues to press ahead making upcoming expansion DLC, and one of its main quest designers is looking for player feedback to feed to his team in order to decide what worked and what didn’t in the base game.

That would of course be Paweł Sasko, Lead Quest Designer and frequent streamer of the game, one of the only people that communicates with the playerbase in any meaningful capacity. Here’s what he’s asking of players:

So, I’m going to go through not just which quests worked, but which ones didn’t for me, and we’ll see if this makes its way to him.

Best Missions

The Heist – One frequent complaint is that pretty much no other mission ended up stacking up to the initial heist of the relic chip with Jackie, from the preparation to the execution, which involved both stealth and live fire segments, in addition to great story beats. It always felt like this was how the game was meant to be, but we simply never got anything that lived it up to it after that, I felt, though of course there were other missions that were good in their own ways.

Anything With Panam – Pretty much the entire Panam questline, her involvement in the main story, her own personal quests, and her ending, was fantastic. And not just because of my female V’s unrequited crush on Panam, these were genuinely good missions, from shooting down the transport to rescuing Saul to blowing away Militech with a tank. Maybe it’s because in the desert there was more room to breathe, but these sequences felt very GTA in a good way.

The Hunt – I did end up liking River as a character, but I especially enjoyed this serial killer hunt, minus maybe the very end where I wish there was a more direct confrontation. But tracking him, locating his home base and then exploring the horrors within was fantastic.

Pyramid Song – If we’re talking about totally combat-free story missions that were just great character moments, it’s exceedingly hard to top Pyramid Song, Judy’s capstone mission that involves exploring her underwater hometown.

The Peralez Missions – This entire questline, which seemed to point to the existence of a Rogue AI pulling the strings at the highest levels in Night City, was utterly fascinating. My only complaint is that it trailed off too nebulously at the end, and I hope we return to it in the DLC.

Worst Missions

“Easter Egg” Plot Moments – These may not all be specific missions, but I really disliked incredibly important story moments being hidden behind what felt like easter egg discoveries rather than conscious choices. The two main instances of this that stood out is V failing to rescue Takemura from the collapsed building when it’s not remotely clear you can or are supposed to do that in that segment, and it requires a second playthrough to get it right. The same goes for the exceptionally annoying “secret” ending of the game which is one of the best endings to be sure, but it’s hidden behind essentially a cheat code during one specific conversation with Johnny. It can also include things that are extremely easy to miss like Jackie’s funeral or a sexy rendezvous with Meredith Stout. I don’t like that kind of presentation at all, it doesn’t feel fun, it feels cheap.

Aborted Plotlines – There were just too many storylines that felt like they ended miles before they should have been over. The Peralez mission was good enough to get past this, but I’m talking about characters like Meredith Stout, Blue Moon, Lizzy Wizzy, Sandra Dorsett. And of course every single lifepath mission that was a one-off that never went anywhere. Just far too many loose ends scattered all over the city.

Anything with Braindances – Look, I get that this was a cool idea in theory, but in practice it’s as exciting as going through security footage in real life would be, aka not exciting at all. There are too many of these segments and they take way too long. Too many resources were devoted to this system that’s just painfully un-fun.

Street Races – I actually liked the storyline of the main cluster of street racing missions with the bartender, and yet the car/racing AI in this game is so bad that the game really cannot do any more of these until that’s fixed. I’ve never seen a more absurd catch-up factor or races that felt more scripted. I would love more car-based missions, but Cyberpunk just is not built for that.

So, those are my picks, what about yours?

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