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    Online Seminar Series

    25th May – 22nd June 2022

    This seminar series is presented by field chief editor of the Frontiers in Virtual Reality journal, Prof Mel Slater and members of the GuestXR European Project

    By now we are likely to have come across horror stories from ‘the metaverse‘ about how easy it is to encounter abuse, racism, misogyny, and have an overall unpleasant experience. On the other hand, social virtual environments have been studied for many years and there is evidence about how people behave in virtual meetings. GuestXR is carrying out research towards how to make immersive virtual meetings realize the goals of the participants. Normally virtual meetings have a purpose, even if that is entertainment, and GuestXR has the ambitious aim of intervening in such meetings to make them fit for their purpose.

    In this seminar series, partners from the GuestXR project will speak about their early work on these issues, covering a review of virtual meetings (‘collaborative virtual environments’), the utility of agent based models for social modeling, what we can learn from the neuroscience of interpersonal interaction, the role of deep learning for virtual humans, and reflections on the ethical aspects.

    Scheduled seminars

    Title Speaker Date Time Register
    The affordances and problems of meeting in virtual reality Mel Slater, Investigator and Co-director of the Events Lab, University of Barcelona   25 May 2022 17:00 CEST REGISTER HERE  
    Social modeling Andrzej Nowak, Professor, University of Warsaw 1 June 2022 17:00 CEST REGISTER HERE  
    Neuroscience of interpersonal interaction Beatrice de Gelder, Professor and Director of the Brain and Emotion Laboratory, University of Maastricht 8 June 2022     17:00 CEST REGISTER HERE  
    Deep learning for virtual humans in XR: Beyond photorealism Doron Friedman, Professor and Head of InstituteThe Advanced Reality Lab, University of Reichman 15 June 2022 17:00 CEST REGISTER HERE  
    Getting real about ethics in virtual environments Darian Meacham, Associate Professor, University of Maastricht 22 June 2022 17:00 CEST REGISTER HERE  

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