Meghan Markle’s dad calls for her to be stripped of royal title after Ellen appearance


Meghan Markle’s dad has issued a scathing attack on his royal daughter after her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The Duchess of Sussex’s dad has called for her to be stripped of her royal title after her cringeworthy skit in a recent TV appearance.

Thomas Markle Snr, 76, said his family had been left “embarrassed” by Meghan’s appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ chat show.

Her estranged dad told The Sun: “She insulted the Queen, the Royal Family and the British people.

“She made a complete fool of herself and should lose her title.

“I love my daughter but her performance was ridiculous.”

In one stunt, the Duchess had to do whatever Ellen, 66, told her — which included squatting down, eating crisps like a chipmunk, dancing and swigging milk from a baby’s bottle.

Former actress Meghan, 40, also told a story about going for auditions and having to climb out the window of her car because the door did not work properly.

But ex-lighting director Thomas insisted it was “not a beat-up old car. She got a lot of help starting in Hollywood.

“She never had to worry about an apartment or spending money.”

The Duchess of Sussex, 40, stunned the audience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show who had no idea she was a special guest, before engaging in a series of the host’s signature pranks.

The pair also discussed enjoying a friendship as neighbours in California: “Meghan’s a great dancer,” Ellen told the audience.

The fluffy interview opened rather awkwardly when Ellen introduced Meghan as “the Duchess of Sussex” while plugging her children’s book The Bench, to which Meghan let out a stifled giggle.

During the interview, Meghan also showed a rare photo of her and Prince Harry’s two-year-old son, Archie, feeding chickens at their Montecito estate.

The pair have been ultra-private about their children, having only ever shared photos of Archie from behind, while they’re yet to release a photo of Lilibet Diana, who was born in June.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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