What Makes a Great Photo? Vogue Italia’s Alessia Glaviano with Ib Kamara, Campbell Addy, and Elisa Medde


Vogue Italia has been the home of iconic photographs since the magazine launched in 1964.

For the past couple of decades, we’ve had Alessia Glaviano to thank for that. The global head of Photo Vogue has brought a diverse group of photographers into the magazine, launching the Photo Vogue festival to spotlight an even newer generation of talent. This year’s festival—taking place in-person from November 18 to 21—will include exhibitions and talks that shine a spotlight on emerging photographers.

Vogue Club members are getting something extra special: On November 25, Glaviano will be hosting an exclusive live conversation with stylist Ib Kamara, photographer Campbell Addy, and editor Elisa Medde about making a memorable image.

Whether you love photography or are looking for a new creative fix, you won’t want to miss it!

Have a question for Alessia, Ib, Campbell, or Elisa? Drop us a line at [email protected] and be sure to include your name and location.

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