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11 Weird And Awkward Moments At The 2023 Met Gala

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By Oscar Blair - - 5 Mins Read

As we all know one of the most anticipated events each year in the entertainment and fashion world just took place on the first of May and we can't deny the fact that each year has always been different with a lot of weird and awkward moments. 

As the event was themed in remembrance of Karl Lagerfeld, a fashion icon, the icons present did not fail to show up remarkably from the wowing costume of Rihanna to Doja Cat's eye-catching outfits.

With all these celebrities in one place, and some others that will never be at the gala, there are bound to be occurrences that are rarely forgotten like Hayden Panettiere falling down the stairs in 2014 or Stella McCartney stepping on Rihanna's dress in 2014.

When each MET  Gala is explained, aside from the beauty, adornment, and eye filing shows at the events it is never complete without the weird and awkward moments. We have decided to bring to you especially 11 weird and awkward moments of the Met Gala 2023.

1.  The Hideous Cockroach That Walked The Cream Carpet 

 Basically amidst all the fashionably dressed people at this year's gala, an ordinary cockroach ended up being part of the center of attention, Lucky Guy, has probably made history among its species just like the spider seen crawling on Queen Elizabeth's coffin. This cockroach quickly became a sensation and went viral all around the internet as photographers took pictures of it. Although the life of this uninvited guest was short-lived as it was stepped on and died, one could say it lived a life some people could only dream of.


2.   The Awkward Moment Between Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Where Kendall Turned Her Back on Gigi and Made an Interesting Face

This was quite an interesting scene at the Met Gala because the two models both seemed like they were happy with each other but Kendall's next action made it to the top 11 awkward moments in this year's gala. After what seemed like an exchange of pleasantries between the two models Kendall Jenner turned around and the initial smile on her face was replaced by what seemed like a scowl. Whatever is happening between the two models we are yet to find out.


3.  The Grammy Awards Winner Doja Cat With Her Cat Costume

Doja Cat got the theme of the party and took it to another level with her dressing up as Karl Lagerfeld's cat. She took her costume to another level when she meowed during her interview as she was asked about her inspiration for the outfits.


4. Diddy's Reaction To A Question

The rapper popularly known as Puff Daddy was put on a tight spot as he was asked if he and Yung Miami are back together since they came to the MET together. With her by his side, he was sweating so much but was sure to indicate that they didn't put a title to what they had going on.


5. Lil Nas X, the Cat

Although not exactly like Doja's outfit, Lil Nas' response during his interview was also a cat sound, definitely trying to show that his outfit was from the same inspiration as Doja's.


6.  A$AP Rocky Had to Most Hilarious Reaction to this Reporter's Question

A$AP may not have rocked the most exquisite outfit at the Met Gala but we can't deny how adorable he is. When asked about a next album, A$AP was teasing the reporter with a childish play with his sunglasses before responding "ASAP".


7.  Jared Leto's Outfit

Not only did Jared take the theme very seriously, he literally wore a cat costume and not a suit, he put on a fluffy cat costume and later removed it after walking around the cream carpet.


8. Chloe Fineman's Interview With Stella McCartney, Aubrey Plaza, and Madelyn Cline

Chloe had said Audrey instead of Aubrey and was immediately scolded by McCartney who came with Aubrey to the Gala.

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9.  Doja Cat's Rebellion

The award winner stood out in more than just dressing and addressing sighted vaping which was against Anna Wintour No-Wintour No-smoking is not moved to obey the rule but we can't deny that she did make an impression.


10. Aubrey Plaza's Reaction to Photographers

The actress and comedian among other things was sight giving the middle finger to photographers, although her reasons are unknown we cannot tell if it is a joke though it seemed more like one as she used both hands.


11. Queen Of Pop, Rihanna Flashes Baby Bump

Rihanna looked absolutely stunning in her all-white floral gown while being led by her husband A$AP Rocky. In the short clip, the pop star walked majestically up the carpet but we couldn't help noticing her cute little bump.

The star was also placed in a tight place when she was questioned about, her ninth album. But we can't tell asides from this, she made quite the entrance with her eye-catching costume.