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Beat the summer heat by self-diffusing AC issues. All you can do while you wait for the technician.

List of Samsung Devices that Will Get Galaxy AI Features
July 21, 2024

Samsung is rolling out Galaxy AI features to various devices. Check out which devices will have Galaxy AI.

250 Instagram Hashtags To Make Your Posts Go Viral In 2024
July 15, 2024

Unlock Instagram success with 250 trending hashtags to boost visibility and engagement in 2024!

Everything You Need to Know About the Trump Rally Incident
July 15, 2024

Trump rally shooting in Butler, PA: Trump injured, one dead, two critically hurt; shooter killed by Secret Service.

Music, Pop & Culture

KCON Germany 2024 debuts in Europe with exciting performances, meet-and-greets, and interactive events for K-pop fans.

5 Music Stars That'd Do Anything to Destroy Their Hit Songs
June 25, 2024

These 5 music stars regret their biggest hits songs, from Katy Perry to Lady Gaga, in this revealing look at fame and musical regret.

Sexy Red Gives Unexpected Response on Why She's Constantly Featuring Drake
June 04, 2024

Sexy Red humorously addresses her frequent Drake collaborations and their close bond, sparking fan speculation and media buzz.

Find Your Favorite Songs on YouTube Music by Humming or Singing
May 31, 2024

Can't remember a song's name? Just hum it to YouTube Music's AI song identifier & it'll find the tune.


Meta allows children aged 10-12 to chat in VR, with parental approval and managed contacts for safe social experiences.

Latest Tesla Update Now Supports YouTube Music
July 10, 2024

Tesla's update 2024.26 introduces YouTube Music, enhanced navigation, real-time weather, and improved parental controls for teen drivers.

Now You Get an Apple Watch with the iPod Feel
June 26, 2024

Transform your Apple Watch into a nostalgic iPod with Tiny Pod's new shell, blending old-school design with modern tech.

Facebook Will Use Your Posts to Train AI, Unless You're European
June 13, 2024

Meta will train AI with Facebook posts globally, but European users can opt out due to privacy laws.


Elon Musk considers relocating X and SpaceX headquarters to Texas, citing dissatisfaction with California's new gender identity policies.

Meta Quits Support for Meta Quest 1 Headset
June 30, 2024

Meta ceases Meta Quest 1 support, raising security concerns and urging users to consider upgrading to newer models.

Transform Your Financial Future Today
June 27, 2024

Acorns, Albert, and StreetBeat offer innovative tools for automated investing, financial protection, and advanced trading insights.

Apple Dumps Vision Pro for Cheaper Alternative
June 24, 2024

Apple shifts focus from Vision Pro to a lighter, cheaper headset, targeting broader accessibility and reducing costs.


Jadon Sancho nears a surprising £47.5 million transfer to PSG after mending ties with Manchester United's Erik Ten Hag.

Legendary New York Yankees Pitcher is Now Oldest MLB Player Alive
May 13, 2024

All you need to know about Art Schallock, the oldest MLB player ever.

7 Current Olympic Sports We Always Forget Exists
March 23, 2024

The Olympics is all about a wide range of sports, but there are very weird and unpopular ones we bet you have never heard of.

5 Boxers With Heavyweight Instagram Following in 2024
February 28, 2024

See the 5 boxers who also win in the digital ring on Instagram.


Google Wallet now lets Android users unlock hotel doors with their phones, replacing physical key cards and extra apps.

Visa Introduces Digital Card Replacements for Travelers
June 29, 2024

Lost your card abroad? Get a new digital one instantly! ✈️ Plus, learn how to pick the perfect travel credit card for max rewards.

This US City and 5 Exciting Reasons to Visit this Summer
June 28, 2024

Columbus, Ohio, offers delightful weather, stunning attractions, outdoor activities, vibrant food scene, and friendly locals this summer.

China Offers Visa-Free Entry for Cruise Travelers Up to 15 Days
May 23, 2024

China now offers visa-free entry for cruise travelers up to 15 days, stimulating its cruise and tourism sector.


Dua Lipa stuns in a daring see-through dress held together by safety pins, cementing her status as a fashion icon.

5 Korean Fashion Trends Gradually Taking Over the World
July 04, 2024

South Korea's fashion industry is booming, with trends like cargo pants, Y2K tops, bucket hats, chunky sneakers, and basic tees.

Apple's Tim Cook Shows Up in First New Nike Sneakers Designed
May 20, 2024

Witness the unveiling of Tim Cook Nike sneakers, the first-ever iPhone sneaker design collaboration between Apple and Nike, making waves in the footwear world.

Expected Stars at the 2024 Met Gala and How to Stream
May 01, 2024

Nothing would prepare you for the Met Gala 2024 guest list! See the list of stars expected to make a remarkable comeback to Met Gala.