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OpenAI's GPT-4o revolutionizes AI with real-time translation, improved voice support, extreme speed, and enhanced customer service.

Antivirus: Your Shield and Sword Against Digital Demons
May 01, 2024

Antivirus software is your shield and sword against digital threats. Debunking common myths, it is crucial for protecting your digital kingdom. Upgrade to Total AV

Never Post These 6 Things on Social Media No Matter What
May 01, 2024

What is ok to post on social media? See a list of what NOT TO post on social media to protect you from cyber-attacks.

5 instances that prove electric cars were never a 21st-century idea
April 29, 2024

Electric cars were not a 21st-century idea. Vintage electric cars existed in the 90s and even as far back as the 1830s.

Music, Pop & Culture

Sexy Red humorously addresses her frequent Drake collaborations and their close bond, sparking fan speculation and media buzz.

Find Your Favorite Songs on YouTube Music by Humming or Singing
May 31, 2024

Can't remember a song's name? Just hum it to YouTube Music's AI song identifier & it'll find the tune.

Lil Wayne Ready for "More History" as Fans Expect New Hits
May 25, 2024

Lil Wayne teases fans with upcoming projects, including a potential Hot Boys group reunion and new solo work.

UK Album Strongly Contends With Taylor Swift's TTPD at Number 1
May 02, 2024

UK album charts face a close competition as Taylor Swift's "Tortured Poets Department" contends with the Pet Shop Boys for the number one spot.


Meta will train AI with Facebook posts globally, but European users can opt out due to privacy laws.

Switch Off Your Phones Once Per Week iPhone and Android Users
June 11, 2024

Turn off your phone weekly to combat malware, safeguard data, and enhance performance. Follow safety tips for extra protection.

How to Minimize AI-related Results on Your Google Search
May 27, 2024

"Google's Gemini AI model enhances search results, but users preferring human-generated content can adjust settings or use alternatives like DuckDuckGo and Brave Search."

3 Exciting New Features Only the New Arc Browser Offers
May 27, 2024

The Arc Browser, a potential competitor to Google Chrome, offers unique features like Boost customization, Spaces for better bookmark organization, and Chromium compatibility.


ByteDance launches Whee, a photo-sharing app targeting close friends, challenging Instagram with unique, private photo-sharing features.

Zoom's Next Big Plan Is Having Your AI Clone Replace You
June 12, 2024

Zoom plans to introduce AI clones to attend meetings on your behalf, revolutionizing virtual communication and work efficiency.

Google's New Rule Makes it Easier to Delete Your App Accounts
May 30, 2024

Google has implemented a policy requiring Play Store apps to facilitate user account deletion, enhancing data control.

YouTube Still Wants to Show You Ads Even When You Pause
May 12, 2024

YouTube is experimenting with a new feature called "pause ads" that appear when viewers pause their content on smart TVs.


All you need to know about Art Schallock, the oldest MLB player ever.

7 Current Olympic Sports We Always Forget Exists
March 23, 2024

The Olympics is all about a wide range of sports, but there are very weird and unpopular ones we bet you have never heard of.

5 Boxers With Heavyweight Instagram Following in 2024
February 28, 2024

See the 5 boxers who also win in the digital ring on Instagram.

Super Bowl LVIII Set Surprising Viewership Records amid Other Feats
February 21, 2024

Super Bowl LVIII shattered records, becoming the most-watched telecast in history with a total viewership of 123.4 million.


China now offers visa-free entry for cruise travelers up to 15 days, stimulating its cruise and tourism sector.

Ibiza Restricts Sale of Alcohol to Curb Excessive Tourism
May 15, 2024

The Balearic government has passed a new law banning the sale of alcohol in Ibiza. Read here for exclusive details about this.

Top 5 cities in the world for summer according to Google
April 18, 2024

Google has revealed the top 5 cities in the world for a perfect summer holiday.

Top 5 Travel Planner Apps To Get Your Next Trip Right
March 30, 2024

Get your next trip right using these 5 travel planner tools. Some of the best ones are free!


Witness the unveiling of Tim Cook Nike sneakers, the first-ever iPhone sneaker design collaboration between Apple and Nike, making waves in the footwear world.

Expected Stars at the 2024 Met Gala and How to Stream
May 01, 2024

Nothing would prepare you for the Met Gala 2024 guest list! See the list of stars expected to make a remarkable comeback to Met Gala.

Trump's Newly-Launched Sneaker Line Sells Out Before Official Shipping Date
February 23, 2024

Trump's new "Never Surrender" sneaker line sells out before official shipping date, surpassing expectations and setting a new standard for celebrity-endorsed fashion lines.

Zara makes comeback to Venezuela as economy recovers
January 29, 2024

Zara's comeback in Venezuela! After shuttering in 2021 due to economic challenges, the fashion giant is set to reopen as hyperinflation subsides.