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15 Biggest Album Flops in 2023 — Critics Give Brutal Ratings

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
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In the vibrant tapestry of musical releases that 2023 has woven, a particular collection of albums has surfaced, each leaving behind a wake of dissatisfaction and discord among listeners.


Standing as stark contenders for the undesirable distinction of being the year's worst albums, these offerings cast a somber hue over the overall artistic panorama.


In this exploration, we shall venture into the heart of this sonic abyss, meticulously dissecting these creations that regrettably fall short of attaining the heights of musical excellence that audiences have come to expect.


According to reviews from critics, these 15 creations are the worst albums of 2023.


  1. Leyenda Viva - 6ix9ine:  Among the year's most vivid disappointments is the album "Leyenda Viva." Despite its promising moniker, which translates to "Living Legend," the contents within proved far from legendary. This album's lackluster execution and a glaring absence of innovation cast a shadow over any initial anticipation. Critics were quick to pounce, lambasting its lack of originality and coherence, effectively placing it squarely in the running for the ignominious title of the year's worst.


  1. 4 (The Pink Album)-Lukas Graham: Similarly, "4 (The Pink Album)" drew attention with its enigmatic title, yet the music within left much to be desired. Fragmented melodies and disjointed lyrics marred the album's potential to provide a coherent and engaging musical journey. Critics lamented its failure to deliver a compelling narrative, thrusting it into discussions about the most underwhelming releases of 2023.


  1. Fuck Eating on the Weekend -Wyatt James: Breaking boundaries in title alone, "Fuck Eating on the Weekend" aimed for audacity, yet its musical content was anything but audacity. A disjointed cacophony of sounds and themes created an overwhelming sense of chaos, overshadowing any potential artistic intention. This album's flagrant disregard for musical coherence secured its place as a strong contender for the year's least impressive.


  1. Maybe it's me - DDG: "Maybe It's Me..." by contrast, left listeners grappling with the question of accountability. The album's convoluted arrangements and lack of artistic direction left many scratching their heads, wondering whether the fault lay with the album itself or with the audience's ability to comprehend its supposed complexity.


  1. Got the beat - supergroup: In a curious twist, the album Beat the Beat" discovered that possessing the beat does not guarantee musical success. Repetitive rhythms and uninspired compositions stifled any potential for ingenuity, leading critics to label it one of the most forgettable releases of the year.


  1. Bubblegum -Biig Piig: The album "Biig Piig" appeared poised to leave a mark with its intriguing moniker but ultimately failed to resonate with audiences. Its inability to captivate listeners or establish a distinct identity positioned it as a strong contender for the year's least remarkable albums.


  1. Gloria -Sam Smith: "Sam Smith" took an unexpected tumble, as the self-titled effort failed to showcase the musical prowess fans had come to expect. Struggling to find a cohesive musical direction, Sam Smith's attempt to carve a new niche left critics underwhelmed, sparking conversations about its place among the year's disappointment.


  1. Tainted in our memories -Babebee: The album "Babebee" may have exuded sweet fitness in the title, but its musical contents left a sour taste. Lacklustre melodies and uninspired lyrics contributed to its lack of distinction, potentially earning it a spot in discussions about the year's subpar releases.


  1. +KR)ystal Eyes <AESTHETIC> - TripleS: Perhaps the most apt description of "tripleS" would be a triple disappointment. The album's lack of cohesion, creativity, and compelling elements relegated it to the ranks of the year's potential worst.


  1. Cracker Island - Gorillaz: Even established names found themselves on the list of underwhelming releases. "Gorillaz," known for their previous successes, encountered difficulties in their attempt to reinvent their signature style. Departing from the familiar, their album failed to resonate, leaving critics pondering its place among the year's letdowns.


  1. Play - LVL1: "LVL1" exemplified an album that struggled to elevate itself beyond mediocrity. Unremarkable tracks and a lack of standout moments positioned it among the year's weakest offerings, leaving listeners with a sense of missed potential.


  1. Ben - Macklemore: In a year teeming with musical misfires, perhaps no album experienced a more precipitous fall than Macklemore's "Ben." The album's repetitive missteps underscored a lack of evolution in Macklemore's style, resulting in an out-of-touch and cookie-cutter effort. Despite a glimmer of redemption in the production, the album ultimately left listeners disappointed and yearning for the Macklemore of old.


  1. Lil Pump 2 - Lil Pump: "Lil Pump 2" cemented its status as a disappointment with its repetition and lack of depth. While moments of potential charm shone through, the album's irritating beats, and uninspired rapping failed to captivate, relegating it to the realm of forgettable endeavours.


  1. Hope - NF: NF's "Hope" suffered from melodramatic whininess that left listeners bewildered. Attempting to blend singing with pop attempts, NF struggled to maintain momentum, ultimately leaving a sour taste in listeners.


  1. The Mockingbird and the Crow - Hardy: Hardy's "The Mockingbird and the Crow" attempted a concept album but stumbled in execution. With disjointed themes and muddled arrangements, the album left listeners baffled by its lack of creativity and integrity.

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In a year filled with musical highs and lows, these albums carve out a niche among the latter. Their inability to connect with listeners, lack of musical innovation, and overall disappointment may earn them consideration as contenders for the worst albums of 2023. As the year unfolds, only time will reveal the true extent of their impact on the musical landscape.