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20 Unbelievably Weird Facts About Some US Presidents That Sound Whacky

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Happy Presidents Day Concept with the US national Flag against a collage of four American Presidents portraits cut of Dollar bills.
Photo | Anna Aybetova/Shutterstock

History buffs, get ready for a wild ride! We're about to explore some cool stories about past US presidents that you might not have heard before.

You'd think being president would make you serious and boring, but some of these guys had some pretty strange habits.

We will take a closer look at some of the craziest stories about the people who ran our country. Who knows if they're true, but they sure are fun to read and give us a glimpse into how the people who ran our country lived their lives.

As we read these stories, remember that even leaders had funny moments and quirks like everyone else.

Now let's dive into the weird side of presidential history. From crazy pets to strange hobbies, we're about to find the white house's stranger and stranger stories.


1. The teeth of George Washington


Colorized George Washington cut on 1dollar banknote isolated on white background for design purpose
George Washington | Ruslan Lytvyn


Many people think that George Washington's teeth were made of wood, but they weren't. For the time, his dentures were very high-tech. They were made from ivory, animal teeth, and even human teeth that were bought from doctors or taken from slaves.


2. The trip of Adams and Jefferson

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson took a piece of wood from William Shakespeare's chair to keep as a souvenir when they went to his home in Stratford-upon-Avon. Even though this was rude by today's standards, it showed how much they respected the creative giant.


3. The invention of Jefferson's chair

The swivel chair, a new piece of furniture that made it easier to move around and feel more comfortable, was invented by Thomas Jefferson. His design innovations went beyond politics and into daily things that people needed.


4. The size of James Madison


James Madison a closeup portrait from old Dollars
James Madison | Janusz Pienkowski


Standing at just over 5 feet 4 inches tall, James Madison was a very short person. Madison, even though he wasn't very tall, had a big impact on American history as one of the Founding Fathers and the main author of the US Constitution.


5. Monroe's Outdated Style

Because James Monroe liked to wear old clothes, people called him "The Last Cocked Hat." He always liked wearing clothes from the Revolutionary War, which showed how much he respected America's founding ideals.


6. John Quincy Adams' Swimming in the Morning

John Quincy Adams did something very special every day: he skinny-dipped in the Potomac River. No matter how busy he was as president, this unusual habit showed that he cared about staying fit and being close to nature.


7. The parrot that Andrew Jackson owned


Andrew Jackson and his parrot illustration
Andrew Jackson and Poll | YT


Poll, Andrew Jackson's pet parrot, was known for using bad language and having a big vocabulary. The bird's antics gave Jackson's presidency a bit of a strange touch and made an impact on everyone who saw it.


8. John Tyler's Hard Time

During his time as president, John Tyler had to deal with a lot of problems. For example, he had problems with Congress over his policies of expansion and the controversial topic of slavery. He was in office during a time of political unrest and tense ties with his party.


9. These are James K. Polk's rules

James K. Polk made strict rules in the White House that said people couldn't drink, play cards, or dance. His organized way of running the government showed that he was focused on completing his big plans, such as expanding the country's borders and annexing Texas.


10. Zachary Taylor's Snack

It's still not clear what made Zachary Taylor suddenly sick and killed him after he ate milk and cherries. Some people think he was killed by someone poisonous, but it's more likely that he died of a stomach illness made worse by the heat and tainted food or drink.


11. The name of Millard Fillmore's song

The first president born in the United States was Millard Fillmore, born after the American Revolution. Even though he was often overshadowed by more famous people, his rule had a big impact on the country's path.


12. The Troubles of Franklin Pierce

There were a lot of personal tragedies and governmental scandals during Franklin Pierce's presidency. People didn't like how he handled the slavery problem, and he lost his young son not long before he became president, which made him depressed and erratic.


13. The fact that James Buchanan is single


James Buchanan | Prachaya Roekdeethaweesab


James Buchanan is still the only president who has never been married. People are curious about the nature of his friendship with William Rufus King, a fellow politician and diplomat, and how it affected his leadership because of how close they were.


14. Abe Lincoln's Wrestling Skills

Abraham Lincoln was not only a great politician, but he was also a great fighter. Because of how strong and quick he was, he was known as a tough opponent in wrestling, which shows another side of his personality that not many people know about.


15. The love letters of Warren G. Harding

Warren G. Harding's extramarital affairs and scandalous love notes showed a darker side of the friendly man he was generally known as. When his scandals came to light, they ruined his reputation and made people lose faith in government leaders during the Roaring Twenties.

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16. James Garfield

James Garfield was amazingly able to write with both hands at the same time in two languages, Greek and Latin. This very rare skill, called ambidexterity, made it very easy for him to do things that required language skills. Imagine how impressive it would be to see Garfield easily transcribing in multiple languages at the same time, showing off his amazing cognitive and motor skills.


17. The famous dog of Franklin D. Roosevelt

The American people fell in love with Franklin D. Roosevelt's Scottish Terrier, Fala, and she became famous while Roosevelt was president. People loved Fala's charm and energy so much that they took it outside of the White House and made him the subject of a comic strip. Roosevelt's beloved friend Fala became a beloved icon thanks to his many adventures and misadventures, winning over millions of people across the country.


18. "Teddy Bear and Theodore Roosevelt"

A kind thing that Theodore Roosevelt did while he was hunting inspired the famous "Teddy Bear." When Roosevelt came across a bear cub while hunting, he decided not to kill it, showing that he cared about and respected animals. Many people were moved by this kind act, which led a toy company to make the first "Teddy Bear" in honor of the president's kindness. The teddy bear quickly became a beloved sign of childhood innocence and kindness, leaving a legacy that lives on to this day.


19. Herbert Hoover's Alligator Residents

Allan Hoover, Herbert Hoover's son, brought something new to the White House by living with two alligators as pets. The unexpected reptiles that lived in the presidential home gave it a touch of the exotic, which captivated visitors and guests. The appearance of these strange animals sparked interest and laughter, giving a whimsical look into the daily lives of the presidential family.


20. John F. Kennedy's Problems in School


Wax figure of John F. Kennedy - official opening of the waxworks
John F. Kennedy wax figure | 360b / Shutterstock.com


Even though he became successful in politics, John F. Kennedy had trouble in school as a child, as his father, Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., said. In a message to Harvard University, Joseph honestly admitted that his son was having trouble in school and praised Kennedy's persistence and drive to get past problems. This honest look into Kennedy's educational path makes the future president seem more like a real person and shows how important it is to be strong and determined when things go wrong.


There you have it, everyone! Weird and wonderful stories about past US presidents show that even the most important people can have some really funny habits. Fun facts about the lives of our country's leaders in these stories. They also tell us that history is full of surprises.


Think about the funny and strange stories that lie beneath the serious things that people say about leaders the next time you think about them. Also, who knows? You never know, one day your strange experiences will make history!