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30 Hilarious Responses to Ex’s Texts That are Way Too Smart

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By Judy Perkins - - 5 Mins Read

Texting your ex is never an easy thing unless you've completely let go of the relationship and moved on with your life. Yet, this is a rare case and more often than not one of the ex-partners wants to rekindle the old flame and starts sending messages one after another. Sometimes they're fine, other times they're silly or downright outrageous. Still, these people managed to respond in the best way possible and we can't believe just how smart these responses are!

A Quick Turn-Off

If you want to quickly turn off an ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend, there's no faster way than showing that you've already moved on and wanted nothing to do with the former partner.

What's the best way to do this? Well, this girl has certainly figured it out and simply showed her ex a photo with her new boyfriend.

It may be a bit cruel, but if your ex-partner is being too persistent - this is one way to turn him off. But do mind that you'll probably never hear from your ex ever again. So if you want to remain friends, you might want to look for another way to say you aren't interested.

A Truly Fiery Relationship

Ending a relationship is never easy, but if you absolutely have to do it, make sure you don't piss off your ex-partner, otherwise, this may happen!

And when you leave your ex's place try to take as many of your things as possible, especially if you didn't end the relationship on good terms. 

Some women have a really fiery temperament and wouldn't tolerate their ex's stuff lying around. Burning stuff just seems like a good idea to them!

The Embarrassment is Too Much

Okay, we've all texted the wrong person at least once, but texting the wrong ex is a whole different level of embarrassment. And with not just a "hello, how are you?" message, but with an offer to get together once again.

This guy didn’t just send the message to the wrong person, he messed up his contacts and sent it to the woman he just broke up with! This is bad on so many levels.

We can only imagine the disappointment of the lady who just got dumped. On the other hand, for her, it was just four weeks and not 1.5 years, which is kind of a good thing. That was a close call!

No Words Needed

Communicating using only emojis seems very last century, but some guys still use it to look smart or funny. More often than not they just make fun of themselves, especially when trying to get a woman's attention.

When it comes to exes, using emojis may be the worst thing ever. This woman received a text and without any words, the guy was just trying to get her to come to his place for a booty call.

Well, the woman replied the best way possible without getting into a conversation she didn't want to have. Her answer was truly priceless!

The Best Kind of Bums 

Some guys really don't know how to read the atmosphere when it comes to chatting with women, but in 99% of cases asking for a revealing photo is a big no-no.

Unless, of course, you've dated for years and this kind of thing is okay between the two of you. Otherwise, it's a sure way to turn off a woman.

Well, even if it's your ex-girlfriend, asking for such a photo would definitely not end well. This girl came up with a brilliant answer and whenever you are in a similar situation with your ex, you can use the same picture!

That Ship Has Sailed a Long Time Ago

Getting back with your ex just because you look cute together or other people thought it was cool that you were dating is the worst reasoning ever. The relationship is not about other people, it's about you and your partner.

Still, this person texted their ex with an offer to start dating again just because they were an item. Well, for some people it’s a good enough reason, but we aren’t buying it.

Naturally, the other partner didn't want to do anything with it and came with a brilliant response. That shop has sunk a long time ago!

This is Not the Vampire Diaries

Some women have unrealistic expectations when it comes to relationships, especially after watching all those TV shows with unbelievable romances with fantastic dramas. But would they really be happy with boyfriends like that in real life?

We highly doubt that, but many girls still want that kind of romance. This young lady texted her actual boyfriend, thinking it was someone else. What an embarrassment!

She tried to make things right in the end, but we doubt it was possible after such a revelation. The guy had a right to be angry after this conversation.

A Picture That's Worth a Thousand Words

Some dudes just won't have 'no' for an answer, that's why women get quite creative when it comes to responding to a text from an ex. Pictures and photos are definitely the easiest way to convey a message.

This woman didn't want to even chat with her ex, let alone get back together with him.

We can all get what this picture is about, and her ex wasn't an exception. This is one of the best ways to say you have zero interest in the guy. It might be a bit rude, but it's effective!

‘No’ is the Answer

Some exes are so clingy that they simply don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. They keep re-emerging all the time, writing texts and sending pictures you don’t want to see.

So, what should you do in such a situation? Well, you can definitely become more creative with your answers, or maybe come up with one and simply use it multiple times as a kind of template for communication with your ex.

We believe that after a few dialogues like this, he will stop texting for good. We’re definitely adding this trick to use later (although, we really do hope there will not be many exes in our lives).

Wrong Number

Men are definitely not the only ones that like to write their exes when they have free time. In fact, women are considered to be more clingy and, although we don’t have the exact data, getting them to stop texting might become a real challenge.

This guy seemed mildly interested in the conversation at first, but then he changed his mind completely. Obviously, the wound was still fresh and even thinking about getting back together with his ex was too much for him.

We hope that this guy’s ex-girlfriend has moved on and now he doesn’t have to be so inventive when answering ex’s text messages. Otherwise, he can always use this style of writing and we guarantee that at some point the ex-love will give up. and switch to someone else

Words Every Guy Should Know

If you’re desperate to start chatting with your ex all over again, but don’t know where to start, here’s a quick tip - everyone loves food. 

We eat several times per day and some people are really fond of trying new dishes and delicious meals. Well, some women are like that, too! So if you want to draw a woman’s attention, try to mention food somehow and see the result.

If you need a conversation ice-breaker, this is the best topic ever! You can talk about all kinds of things including deserts and different yummies. Everyone loves food!

Is He From Another Planet?

Some people have a hard time letting go of their past relationships. But we believe that nine years is a long time and one can’t hold onto a past flame for so long. Well, it appears, that this dude was still hoping to get back with a woman he dated so long ago!

Surprisingly enough, she could still recognize who wrote to her and even found it in her to reply to him. Her answer was cold and things probably didn’t go anywhere from that point of conversation.

Still, we are wondering, what was he hoping for? Do people really think it’s possible to just reappear in their ex’s life after nine years and start all over again? We really doubt it.

A Genius ‘Auto-Response’

If there ever was a special auto-response service for exes - this would be it! This guy spent a lot of time putting himself back together after a painful breakup and he didn’t want to have anything to do with that woman ever again.

He thought she might write to him sometime in the future, that’s why he came up with a brilliant ‘auto-response’ for her.

We don’t know whether it was actually automatic or he simply wrote a response this way, but we do appreciate the creativity!

Sleeping After a Breakup be Like…

For some people, a breakup is a very painful thing that requires months if not years to recover and start thinking about dating again. Yet, for others, it’s a time to celebrate freedom and finally do whatever they want to do without the burden of heavy relationships.

This person certainly belongs to the second category. Being cheated on is an awful experience, but it’s better to know about this than continue dating a person who does things like that behind your back.

This is one of the best responses to a cheating ex that we’ve ever seen. It’s just so good! 

A Perfect Way to Ruin a Relationship

Seriously, how hard is it to remember the person’s eye colour? Especially if you’ve dated for some time and you are asking that person to start a new relationship together.

This guy thought he came up with a smart conversation starter, but he ended up making a huge fool of himself. This girl wasn’t buying it!

He could have at least checked her photo before writing a line like that. But this says a lot about this guy - if he can’t remember simple details like that he might not be the man with whom you could build a long-lasting relationship.

Being Way Too Smart

Sometimes people come up with really silly responses to their exes' texting, but other times they are quite genius. We believe this is the latter!

This woman clearly needed some space and wanted to pause their relationship, but the guy came up with a beautiful and quite brilliant answer.

We don’t know whether it softened her heart a bit, but this response definitely made us smile. Sometimes a little bit or romance is all it takes to make one’s day better!

How Far is the Sun?

Being the sun of one’s life might sound romantic, but only until you do the math. This guy definitely knows a thing or two about space and physics, that’s why he came up with a truly creative response to his ex.

He could have just said that he didn’t want to hear from her anymore, but decided to be even classier and wrote this line.

This is so good that we just want to save this conversation and use it later ourselves. Of course, Paige, the woman who got this smart response, wasn’t happy about it at all. But we do appreciate how original it is!

A Guy With Real Guts

Texting a woman you’ve cheated on is not the best idea, but texting her with some weird accusations is downright awful. Seriously, what was this man thinking?

We can only imagine how hurt this woman was by what he did, and he had the guts to write to her when she started dating once again. And not only that, he implied that she recovered too soon!

We do believe this guy deserves a good old-fashioned punch in the jaw, or at least that his karma gets back at him and someone cheats on him as well. Seems fair!

The Best Response Ever

We don’t really understand why men think it’s okay to ask for revealing photos online, because this is wrong on so many levels. Whether you know the woman or you don’t, it’s the worst conversation starter in the world.

Well, this woman came up with a really smart way to answer the guy asking for a revealing pic. She actually sent him one, but probably not the one he was expecting.

We would really like to see the guy’s face when he received this text! It’s a response all women should remember and use it with rude exes and rude guys in general.

That’s Definitely a ‘No’

That moment when you receive a text from your ex and you want nothing to do with him. Well, you could start writing, chatting, and explaining that you already have someone else in your life and you don’t really want to talk with that guy anymore.

Or you could simply send one pic with a short text saying ‘no’. We believe this trick is quite brilliant and can be used by everyone who’s tired of their exes texting!

He seemed to be okay with the whole thing, so he probably didn’t expect much anyway. But we really enjoyed this short chatting session!

Be Careful What You Wish For

Ah, it’s the thing with exes and things… They just have no respect for your stuff when you leave the house you shared! If you ended the relationship on good terms, then it’s okay, but if not - be prepared to see something like this!

It’s always good to be polite with your partners, especially when you’re going through a breakup. People tend to get all emotional and you don’t really want to mess with them when they are like that.

There’s a time and a place to ask to return your things, and, obviously, this person picked the wrong time. We really hope it was just a threat, though.

And U2

Music always brings people together - it’s just how it works! But never have we seen a music band being used in a response to a clingy ex.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like talking and it’s okay. We all have our good and bad days. That’s why we use emojis instead of words and various pictures to convey our mood. It’s easy and saves us a lot of time and energy.

This is such a funny wordplay! We bet the U2 band’s name has never been used in such a witty and hilarious way. Kudos to this person for coming up with such a response.

An Angry Ex

When texting an ex-girlfriend or an ex-boyfriend, you need to be prepared that they aren’t in the mood for chatting. Some people need a lot of time to recover after a breakup, and even when they do, they usually don’t want to talk with a former partner.

This guy was getting all aggressive while chatting with his ex-girlfriend, but she came up with a brilliant answer to his inadequate attitude.

This woman’s response is genius! This short reply could easily become a line in a book or a movie, it’s just so good.


We love TV show references as much as the next person and using them during a conversation is the best way to start chatting. If you share similar TV show preferences, then you can easily find common ground with a person you want to talk to.

It’s a bit easier with your exes as you know what type of things they like, but it can alslo create some tension between the two people.

Obviously, this person didn’t want to start the convo and respond with words, that’s why they came up with a brilliant and hilarious answer that used a reference from Stranger Things. It’s just too funny!

The Simple Truth

Did you ever see someone call you, but you didn’t want to talk to that person and simply chose to ignore them? That may happen to anyone, and surely you have the right to not pick up the phone when you’re not in the mood.

Still, this was quite a bold thing to say out loud. Usually we just keep it to ourselves when we ignore other people calling. It’s a secret no one wants out.

We feel this could very well be the end of the conversation because it says a lot about the other person. If they don’t care about you calling - this is the sign to simply stop doing that. Seriously, talking to exes could be so tricky!

Not a Taxi Service

While most of the time ex-boyfriends are the ones acting annoying and not giving enough personal space to their ex-partners, in this case, it was the woman.

Asking someone to give you a lift is okay, although, if you’re texting your ex be prepared to hear a definite ‘no’ as a response. This guy simply didn’t want to meet his old flame!

The fact that her ex has a car doesn’t mean that he’d give her a ride every time she needs one. His response was way too smart! She’ll probably think twice before texting him again with her issues.

How Much Hate is Too Much?

We have no idea what this dude did to deserve this attitude, but it must have been bad. Seriously, the girl’s response is both creative and a bit scary, when you realize that she actually means that.

Maybe he cheated on her? Or maybe he gambled a lost all their money. We really don’t know, but the nickname ‘loser’ kind of sums it up.

Hate is one of the most destructive emotions, so, although her response is incredibly witty, we do hope this woman can let her past go and move on with her life.

Dating a Cat Person be Like…

Wow, this guy was really asking for it. These hypothetical questions can be really funny until they aren’t. Imagining the end of the world isn’t the best way to spend an evening, but he went there anyway.

Well, the woman did spend a few minutes thinking over her answer, but it was quite definite - if the world was about to end, she’d just like to stay with her cats. And we totally get it!

Choosing between your ex and a bunch of furry friends isn’t that hard at all. We would probably have made the same choice!

Why Is There No Pain?

Some people can turn into real drama queens when it comes to dating or breaking up with someone. What could have been just a peaceful parting, suddenly turned into a dark and funny exchange.

Seriously, though, is there a law that everyone should be in pain during a breakup? Some people are actually relieved to have more freedom and start their lives anew.

This person’s reaction wasn’t good enough for their ex-partner because they thought there should have been more pain. Well, breaking up via texting is definitely one of the less impressive ways to do so, and expecting there to be drama is really childish. This break was probably for the best!

Cruel Much?

This is one of those moments that could make us cringe, but then you remember all those times when an ex-partner texted you and this doesn’t seem like such an awful picture after all. People are different and sometimes their coping mechanisms can be a bit harsh.

Well, someone did come up with this bold idea of a 'selfie stick' - maybe they were also remembering some of their ex-partners? We can only guess.

In the end, the woman who responded with this pic conveyed the message she wanted. This guy will probably never ever text her again!