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30 Mind-Blowing TV and Movie Mistakes We’ve All Missed Somehow

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By Judy Perkins - - 5 Mins Read

We all love movies, and the more we watch them, the more exciting details we notice. Some fans have become so good at spotting inaccuracies that they end up with a bunch of movie mistakes from the first time they watch the film. Needless to say, fans flooded the classics like The Terminator, Pirates of the Caribbean, Game of Thrones, and The Matrix with so many cool movie details and hilarious mistakes, that it’s impossible to include them all in one article. Still, we will give it a try! Here are 30 of the most mind-boggling and funny movie and TV mistakes in the history of filmmaking.

Gladiator - Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It’s a Movie Mistake

Gladiator might have been an epic movie and one of the most spectacular roles by Russel Crowe, but it was still packed with filmmaking mishaps that simply couldn’t go unnoticed.

The more we look at this shot, the more we are impressed by how ‘lucky’ they were to catch a plane flying over a fighter’s Gladiator arena. That took some real camera craftsmanship to be filming right then and there.

Of course, it’s hard to control the environment and there’s always a chance of filming something funny or unusual while doing a movie. In this scene, we can see a glimpse of modern-day aviation amidst all the drama. We can only wonder why they didn’t edit the plane out of that iconic scene - the special effects team must have been feeling lazy the day the film got shot.

Game of Thrones: Dany’s Magic Transformation

Despite the quite tragic and irrational end of Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones is still one of the most epic TV shows ever created. The plotline was truly superb (well, up to a point) and the garment designs deserve a special mention as well. 

Still, a TV show of such scale is bound to have some mistakes as the production was often rushed to complete the new season on time. Naturally, fans were carefully examining each new episode to find inaccuracies and all kinds of mistakes - it’s just what they do!

In episode 9 of season 5, if you look closely at the scene where Daenerys was under attack by the Sons of Harpy, you can easily spot an obvious design mistake. Or maybe it was made deliberately? When we first see Dany she’s wearing quite a distinct white dress with beautiful long sleeves worthy of a queen. Yet a few moments later, when she flees the scene with Drogon, her gown’s design changes drastically - the sleeves are much shorter and the neckline is totally different. It’s just a totally different dress!

The Matrix: What’s Up with That Reflexion?

The Matrix is one of the most popular sci-fi movies of all time. Needless to say, people watched it millions of times. Still, some movie buffs went above and beyond to spot the mistakes in the movie. After all, it’s been around for almost three decades!

In a scene where Neo and Morpheus are entering the house of the Oracle, someone made a screenshot that later became one of the most viral movie mistakes. Not because it’s so bad, but because spotting it was something out of this world.

If you take a closer look at the door handle, you will spot that apart from the movie characters’ reflections there is also a cameraman casually hanging out in the scene. They probably hoped that no one would notice this movie mistake, but we did!

Pirates of the Caribbean: A Time-Traveller, Perhaps?

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl is the first movie from the series and, according to some critics, the best one as it often happens in big movie franchises. Despite being expensive and well thought-over this movie has quite a few hilarious mistakes.

For example, did you ever notice a cowboy in one of the scenes of the movie? Well, we certainly haven’t because he appears for just a few seconds, but it was enough time for attentive movie buffs to spot this hilarious inaccuracy.

When Jack Sparrow returns to his beloved Black Pearl it’s hard to look at anything but him proudly being the captain of his ship, but if you look at the back, you’ll spot a man wearing a huge white hat. We don’t know much about pirate fashion, but we bet white cowboy hats weren’t in trend back in the day!

The Avengers: Was It Magic or a CGI Fail?

The thing with movies is that they’re made by people who tend to overlook all kinds of mistakes. Especially when it comes to CGI! It’s really hard to keep track of everything going on in the scene when some action is happening, that’s why movie fans pay special attention to those episodes.

The Avengers movie that aired 11 years ago is still one of our all-time favourites. It was just so good and action-packed! Still, during one of the scenes, there’s a clear movie mistake happening.

One second we see Thor near a demolished car, but in the next scene the dent in the car is all healed! He must possess some magical powers that clearly even he doesn’t know about.

Total Recall: That’s Fake!

Back in the day when Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on the big screen in almost every new action movie, sci-fi movies were on the rise and they were just as mind-blowing as they are now. Of course, there were fewer CGI effects and more props, but they still looked great.

Total Recall, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone, depicted the colonization of Mars in an anti-utopian version of our future. While it was quite believable all in all, one hilarious mistake caught everyone’s eye.

In a scene where Sharon Stone attacks the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger, playing his fake wife, she rushes at him with a kitchen knife. While the scene looked quite cool, everyone could tell the knife was made out of rubber by the way it bent. Well, we loved the movie nonetheless.

Harry Potter: Flying or Riding?

We love the Harry Potter movie series, we really do, but no matter how well it’s done, there are mistakes we simply couldn’t pass by. In 2001, the world saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time and it was like a dream come true for many people.

The ones that read the books looked closely at each and every scene of their favourite book coming to life in front of their eyes. Naturally, they noticed that during the Quidditch match, there were bike seats peaking from under the kids who were riding the brooms.

Well, at least now we know how those scenes were made! Perhaps, they should have used a little bit more CGI to cover the bicycle seats and make the movie truly picture-perfect.

Dallas Buyers Club: A Car That Didn’t Exist Yet

Dallas Buyers Club was released in 2013 and has become a movie fan’s favourite. It’s so accurate in conveying the atmosphere of the ‘80s that you could easily forget the movie was made just a decade ago.

The movie is based on the life of Ron Woodroof, a man who was diagnosed with AIDS back in the day when people hardly knew what that was. Struggling to cure himself and his friends with the same illness, he started smuggling medicine to have at least some chance of getting better.

In this scene, if you take a look behind Ron Woodroof, you can spot a posh car that seems oddly out of place (or rather, out of time). You’re looking at Lamborghini Aventador which was produced only 12 years ago. Naturally, this car simply didn’t exist in the ‘80s!

The Ten Commandments

We certainly enjoyed Ann Baxter’s performance in The Ten Commandments. She looked great and completely transformed into Nefertiti. Her gowns were also quite spectacular, that’s why the viewers paid special attention to them.

This blue sheer gown wouldn’t be a problem back in the day as ladies could afford to wear all kinds of striking garments without being judged too much. But what caught everyone’s attention was the lace bra that could sometimes be seen peeking from underneath the dress.

We don’t have anything against beautiful lingerie, but that is definitely not something a Nefertiti would wear hundreds of years ago. It’s a rookie movie mistake at its finest!

Blade Runner 2049: Does That Punch Seem Too Real?

Blade Runner 2049, a moody sci-fi flick with an amazing plot and great music, is nearly perfect (although, opinions on this matter differ, of course). Still, there is one detail that you might have missed because it’s far from obvious.

Do you remember a scene where Harrison Ford hit Ryan Gosling in the jaw? That was quite a punch! It seemed very realistic, but movies are so good these days that we didn’t give it a second thought.

In one interview, Harrison Ford confessed that he actually hit his co-star in the jaw, instead of simply pretending to do so like actors do most of the time. It wasn’t deliberate, of course, as the lighting was very chaotic in that scene, but now it all makes sense. Ford’s expression is priceless in that scene!

Terminator 2: An Unexpected Recovery

The best part about action movies is that they are packed with action scenes (well, that’s quite obvious). But when it comes to filming movies, those action scenes are the hardest. The sequence is fast and the actors need to react at incredible speed.

And not only that - the clothes and backgrounds change fast as well! Keeping track of all the details requires a lot of time and effort, and naturally, some mistakes are unavoidable. In this scene of Terminator 2: Judgement Day we can see some magic happening.

First, we see the Terminator getting shot in the back with a load of bullets, but in the next scene his jacket looks brand new as if nothing happened! Maybe the Terminator had some superpowers we have no idea about?

Jurassic Park: A Video Chatting Fail

The early ‘90s were marked by a huge number of amazing movies that were ahead of their time. Technology wasn’t all that great back then, but the imagination was working like a charm.

That’s why sci-fi movies from a few decades ago are so much fun to watch - all the ideas were great! But more often than not the execution wasn’t all that advanced. In Jurassic Park, for example, we see Nerdy talking with his associate via a video call.

But when you take a closer look, you will notice that he isn’t actually talking to a live person - the video was pre-recorded to create an impression of a video chat. This technology was just an idea back then, but now we’re all using it every day! 

Pulp Fiction: A Prediction or a Movie Fail?

With Quentin Tarantino movies you never know when he does something deliberately or accidentally, and it just happens to look like a genius made it. Well, even cool directors like him make mistakes from time to time, and this one we simply couldn’t overlook!

In Pulp Fiction, there’s a scene where Jules and Vincent get shot at, and while that’s not something unusual for Quentin Tarantino’s movies, what draws attention are the bullet holes in the walls.

If you take a closer look and make a couple of rewinds, you’ll notice that even before the shooting started the holes were already there! Now that’s just sloppy movie-making if you want our opinion. Still, that doesn’t make Pulp Fiction less awesome. 

Marie Antoinette: Trendy Much?

Historical dramas require special attention to detail and Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette is definitely one of the movies that transfers you to a different time and place. It’s just so well made!

Still, even producers of Marie Antoinette managed to miss one major mistake - and it’s staring us right in the eye! When we saw the queen, played by Kirsten Dunst, try on a bunch of gorgeous shoes, something odd caught our attention.

Yes, it’s the pair of purple sneakers right there in the background! They seem so oddly natural there that we believe someone deliberately placed them in the back. It’s hard to spot this detail at first glance, maybe that’s why this scene stayed in the movie as it was!

The Wizard of Oz: Where Are Her Shoes?

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most famous and loved movies in the history of filmmaking, but that doesn’t make it flawless! This amazing musical was beautifully made in all aspects, but attentive viewers caught quite a few movie mistakes here and there.

One of the biggest movie oversights was the scene where we can see Dorothy in full size in her classy dress that has become so recognizable over the years. But what’s she wearing on her feet?

If you’re familiar with the story, then you know that Dorothy should be wearing red magic shoes. Still, we see some ordinary black shoes that simply don’t go along with the movie’s plot. Where are her gorgeous Ruby Slippers?

American Sniper: What’s Wrong with That Baby?

Bradley Cooper delivered a truly stellar performance in the American Sniper movie, but one special detail caught everyone’s eye and it wasn’t him being a great actor. As it often happens in action movies, producers hope that the viewers simply wouldn’t notice a slip-up behind all the running and shooting.

Well, that definitely didn’t work for American Sniper when Bradley Cooper was carefully cradling a ‘baby’, which was far from real! It’s so obviously fake that we can’t watch this scene without cringing.

According to the producers, the actual baby couldn’t make it to the filming set that day so they had to improvise, but somehow we don’t buy it. A movie of such scale could easily find a replacement!

Game of Thrones: Who’s In For Some Latte?

When we think about Game of Thrones, a cup of hot coffee is the last thing that comes to mind. Unless, of course, you’ve seen this photo before that went viral in a matter of a few days if not hours.

The last seasons of the TV show failed on so many levels that this one mistake doesn’t seem all that bad, but seriously - a cup of coffee in the midst of a historic fantasy setting? The fans of the show just couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw this cup in front of Daenerys.

It’s so casually standing there that we can’t but wonder - did someone deliberately put it there as a prank, hoping that someone would spot it at the last minute? We don’t know for certain, but no one on set paid attention to the cup until it was too late.

Star Wars IV: Clumsy or Genius?

Star Wars IV: A New Hope isn’t just one of the movies from a huge franchise. The viewers love early Star Wars movies even more than the new ones, that’s why they keep on re-watching themes, finding even the slightest discrepancies.

This time everyone spotted a hilarious moment - just as Leia and Luke were running away from Death Star, a bunch of stormtroopers blocked their way. As they appeared on screen, one of the stormtroopers hit his head and simply continued blocking Leia’s way.

As the actor later confessed, he wasn’t feeling too well that day and just made a rookie mistake. Still, it looked so funny and cool that the scene made it to the final cut. This movie mistake has really become legendary.

Harry Potter: That Colour Is Wrong!

The creators of the Harry Potter movie series surely did a great job recreating the appearance of all the characters and their surroundings. In fact, we believe it’s one of the best book-to-screen adaptations in movie history!

Still, there were some mistakes that fans weren’t easy to forgive. J.K. Rowling pays special attention to details like eye colour, especially when it comes to the main characters like Harry Potter and his mom.

In the books, Lily Potter has beautiful green eyes, and Harry Potter shares the same eye colour. Nevertheless, when we see young Lily Potter her eyes are brown. It’s a small mistake, but fans really made a big deal out of it!

Firefly: What Is He Driving?

This short-living sci-fi show has become one of the most viewed TV shows in the history of science fiction. It was cut so abruptly that the viewers were left longing for more!

Naturally, it was watched over and over again thousands of times and fans had a lot of time to carefully look through each and every scene.

The very first episode has a mistake that’s just too hilarious. Can you see the pilot holding onto thin air? Yes, that’s where the yoke was supposed to be, but for some reason, it wasn’t. In the next scene, things get back to normal, but these few moments are just too funny!

Twilight: Who’s Hiding in That Reflection?

The Twilight movie series has so many plot holes that we won’t even go there. But if you take a closer look at the scenes in the movies, you’ll notice that they are packed with all kinds of mistakes.

We get it, vampires don’t have reflections (supposedly), but cameramen certainly do! And it seems that this movie franchise didn’t even try to hide them from the viewers.

In the very first movie of the series, as Bella Swan was heading to school in a car, you can spot a very vivid reflection of a cameraman right there on the car’s surface. Yep, that’s a mistake fans simply couldn’t miss.

Harry Potter: Who Is That In the Back?

When filming movies of such scale, producers have to pay attention to all details, especially when it comes to scenes with the main characters. Still, things get overlooked in even the most successful movie franchises.

Harry Potter has a very dedicated movie following, which means they spot even the smallest details that often become viral.

In this scene, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were having a fight, but there was someone else in the crowd apart from the teenagers. Yep, it’s a cameraman there! He’s just casually filming what’s going on and we wouldn’t look at him twice, but he’s so obviously out of place that we can only cringe at this scene.

Titanic - The Magical Transformation

Titanic is one of the cult movies of the ‘90s that has become legendary. It was just so good! It’s based on real-life events and has enough drama and romance to cater to a huge audience.

Still, even a movie of such scale, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, can have discrepancies and things that you normally wouldn’t pay attention to. Just take a look at that deck!

It’s easy to miss something like this with all the drama and romance going on in the movie, but a ship deck changing like that is not something that could happen in real life. It’s not the biggest fail on this list, but it’s certainly a movie mistake we couldn’t pass.

Doctor Strange - How About Those Face Masks?

Seeing two people without masks isn’t that big of a deal (or at least it wasn’t until a certain disease hit the world), but seeing two doctors not wearing masks in a movie is a real fail.

We believe it’s standard procedure for surgeons and nurses to wear masks during surgeries and other procedures, but Doctor Strange and the nurse helping him aren’t wearing them. We get it, it’s better to see actors’ faces without masks, but what message is the movie sending to all the viewers?

This goes against several rules in the medical facilities, and the viewers were quick to spot this mistake.

Gravity - That’s Not How Water Works In Space

Gravity, a movie starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, is one of those rare space films that aren’t all about sci-fi and special effects. In fact, the directors tried to depict life and work in space as close to reality as possible!

Well, it is a movie after all, so they had to sacrifice some scientific facts to make the film look more beautiful. The rules of physics are different in space and the directors just didn’t take that into consideration.

The scene where Sandra Bullock's character cried all alone in zero gravity is great, but a scientist would cringe while watching it. Her tears would never end up floating freely all around her (although we do admit it looks cool), instead, they would remain stuck to her face - just like in this real-life space photo!

Terminator 2: A Mistake or Just Very Hi-Tech?

Terminator 2 has even more action scenes than its predecessor, which means there’s more room for all kinds of mistakes and discrepancies. And there are quite a lot of them in this action flick!

T-1000 may very well be the most hi-tech enemy we’ve ever seen, but even this cool-looking technological goo was beatable. In the scene where Terminator fires a gun at him (to no avail, of course), we can see that his head splits way before the actual firing happens.

Was this deliberate or just a mistake that no one seemed to notice while making the movie? Still, the viewers were quick to spot this detail and like with most movie mistakes it quickly went viral.

Back to the Future I + II: Something Wicked’s Going On

Well, this movie detail is kind of awesome and it’s not really a mistake, but rather a very peculiar fact that all Back to the Future fans should know.

Did you ever notice that the first scene of the second movie copies the last scene of the first one? Well, they should look the same according to the plot, but there are a few differences.

The filmmakers had to reshoot the whole scene because Jennifer was no longer played by the same actress - there was a change! Naturally, they couldn’t use the old scene and had to shoot it all over again. Still, it looks remarkably alike.

Game of Thrones: Where’s the Necklace?

We can’t stop going back to this amazing (and horrendous) TV show. It’s so packed with flaws that we don’t even know where to start. 

Still, there are many holes in Game of Thrones and this one is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you remember that in order to look young Melisandre needed to wear a special necklace?

Well, here she is bathing in a very bold scene, but there is no necklace around her neck. Of course, fans were quick to spot this detail and it ended up on the list of many GOT fails that hit the Internet like a storm back in the day when the TV show just aired.

Gladiator: What’s That In the Chariot?

Gladiator is a truly epic movie that was made beautifully, but its mistakes are just as epic and hilarious. Apart from the plane in the sky that was caught on tape while filming the movie, there’s one more detail that is not so easy to spot.

During the Battle of Carthage, one of the chariots rolled over in the heat of the battle. But then something strange happened - an unusual mechanism was revealed!

We aren’t totally sure, but that seems like a huge canister of gas sitting right there under the chariot’s driver. Did it actually help the charioteer go faster? We have no idea, but it looks very surreal in that scene.

The Big Bang Theory: Something on Her Screen is Not Right

Okay, The Big Bang Theory is definitely one of the best TV shows ever made. It’s funny, nerdy, and very sciencey - that’s why we love it so much! Still, even a show like that can make mistakes from time to time.

While it might be tight in the science department, there are things that may get overlooked on set. For example, when Penny comes to Sheldon to ask for help with her MMO RPG gaming, you’ll notice that her laptop has been turned off the whole time.

It’s a really sloppy mistake for a show that pays so much attention to scientific facts. On the other hand, it’s one of the less obvious mistakes on the list, but we had to mention it nonetheless.