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4 Key Things Prince Williams Pointed Out in His Heartwarming Coronation Speech

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

At 'Pa' King Charles Coronation Concert, the Prince of Wales played a significant role during the coronation ceremony as the next in line for the throne. At the Coronation Concert, Prince William amazed supporters of the royal family with a sincere address that honored King Charles and the essential workers of Britain.

At Windsor Castle tonight, Prince William delivered a touching speech to his father, King Charles. In his coronation speech, the prince highlighted four significant points close to his heart.

1. Queen Elizabeth II Will Remain an Influence on the Royals 

While delivering his speech, he mentioned his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, stating that he believes she would be a "proud mother" and is "affectionately watching over us."  "Coronations, as my grandmother once stated upon her crowning, signify our aspirations for the times ahead." Prince Williams added. 

The Queen revolutionized the monarchy and remained relevant throughout her reign. Recall that on her 21st birthday. She pledged to devote her entire life to serving her people and the imperial family they all belonged to.

2. Charles's Dedication to the Health of the Environment

King Charles III is quite renowned for his advocacy on climate change, and Prince Williams highlighted this in his speech. "Upon entering Westminster Abbey yesterday, my father's initial utterance was a commitment to serving others. He pledged to persist in his service, as he has spent more than five decades dedicating himself to helping individuals in every part of the United Kingdom and throughout the Commonwealth and the globe. 

His service has extended to both present and future generations, as well as to those whose memory has been overlooked."

The natural world was a concern he expressed well before it became a common issue. Additionally, the Prince's Trust has aided more than one million underprivileged youth to achieve their personal goals.

The newly crowned King Charles III of Britain has a solid dedication to environmentalism

The activities showcased included planting trees, displaying organic fruits and vegetables from Clarence House, and vibrant flowers in the garden of Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, located in the western region of England. King Charles has now passed on his title of Prince of Wales to his son and heir, William.

3. Prince Williams Knows When to Let in a Joke 

Williams knows when to let in a joke to draw whoops and cheers. Even his father, King Charles, was seen laughing at his joke. 

During his speech opener, William's joke about Lionel Richie, who had just performed, elicited whoops, cheers, and much laughter from the audience.

He expressed his gratitude, "I am immensely grateful to all of you for making this evening so memorable. I would like to take a moment to share my thoughts on my father and the significance of this weekend. However, be rest assured, unlike Lionel, I won't go on all night long."

King Charles was seen laughing heartily at his joke. 

4. Williams As a Proud Son 

As a proud son who didn't hide his feelings about how well his father had made them proud. 

"We are all incredibly proud of you, Pa," he said. 

Additionally, he expressed his gratitude and admiration for the millions of individuals who serve in various capacities, such as the military, classrooms, hospital wards, and local communities. "I wish I could acknowledge every one of you," he added.

In conclusion, Prince William declared his dedication to serving King Charles, the country, and the Commonwealth. He ended his speech with the words, "God save the King.