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5 Highest Grossing Tours in 2023 You Didn't Know Were Expensive

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Beyonce performing on stage at the Renaissance tour alongside dancers
Beyonce Renaissance | YT

Watching your celebrity crush do a live performance of your favorite albums from their songs during a tour to your city sounds like so much fun and a memory you won't forget in a while. Still, it's just as exciting for your favorite artists to make a lot of $$$ money from their most extensive tours.


2023 witnessed the brilliance of music tours by top artists worldwide; the revenue is mind-blowing. 


We compiled a top 5 list of highest-grossing tours in 2023; see if your faves made it.


#5 - Weekends With Adele Tour



The "Hello" singer, Weekends With Adele Tour, ranks number 5 on our list of highest-grossing tours in 2023, with an estimated $2.5 million in sales every night the Vegas event holds.


 While some may argue it's not exactly like the regular music tour or her last tours (An Evening With Adele & Adele Live), the Vegas tour has done just as well. The artiste might be able to buy a royal jewel with her soaring net worth (see when she turned down a performance at the late British monarch's procession). 


#4 - It's All A Blur Tour



Drake's It's All A Blur Tour is one of the most extensive 2023 tours that surprisingly exceeded speculations due to its failed debut on the first proposed date and fans' outrage at Ticketmaster over tickets. 


The hip hop artiste tour recorded a total of $79 million, and the ongoing concert is expected to have a turnover of at least $250 million before the tour ends in 2023.


#3 - +–=÷× Tour



Don't sweat too hard to pronounce the tour name! Die-hard Sheeran fans know that the artist's 4th concert run was named "The Mathematics Tour (+–=÷×) for a reason.


The English singer went all out and made one of the most exciting shows of 2023, and his efforts sure paid off, as he grossed a total of $105,309,873 from the performance.


Tickets were sold at an average price of $104.2 each, and Ed Sheeran's recent album "Subtract" inspired his fantastic show, which sold over a million tickets.


#2 - Renaissance Tour



We witnessed another Queen Bey's brilliance on stage this year, and the numbers testify that "Everybody loves Beyonce."


The Renaissance world tour once again reminds us of the black girl power as she becomes the current female in history to record the highest-grossing tour of $579 million so far.


Madonna initially held the record for her Sticky & Sweet Tour in 2009, grossing $408 million, and now the Renaissance Tour continues as the highest-grossing tour by a woman. Her concert totaled $179.3 million in ticket sales this August.


#1 - Eras Tour



Famous female singer Taylor Swift ranks first on our list of highest-grossing tours in 2023 for her Eras Tour earlier this year. The tour's performance doesn't come as a surprise since it created so much buzz online and had fans anticipating the Eras tour dates.


The tour has grossed $1.5 billion, with over 1.1 million tickets sold. Taylor dedicated the tour to her last four albums with impressive billboard ratings: Lover (2019), Folklore (2020), Evermore (2020), and Midnights (2022), and a ticket was sold at an average price of $253.56.


Although many talented music artists are not mentioned in this list, there is no doubt that they have put a lot of hard work into their craft. It is refreshing to see these artists recognized for their efforts and receiving the monetary rewards they deserve.