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NFL Injury Update: 5 Players Likely to Stay Out this Month

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
An injured NFL player groping his knees
Photo | NFL

In the grand theater of the NFL, injuries are the unexpected plot twists that can alter the entire narrative of a season.


Week 4 of the 2023 season unfolded with its share of heartaches, leaving fans and teams in suspense as star players faced adversity in the form of injuries.


In this article, we delve into the shocking stories of five players who are now navigating the treacherous road to recovery, aiming to make their triumphant return to the gridiron in the spotlight of October.


Justin Herbert - "A Humorous Resilience"


Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert (10) in actions during an NFL football game against the Miami Dolphins, Sept. 10, 2023, in Inglewood, Calif.
Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert | Ringo Chiu/Shutterstock


Justin Herbert, the Los Angeles Chargers' charismatic quarterback, faced an unexpected challenge in Week 4. A fractured left (non-throwing) middle finger raised concerns, but Herbert responded with humor, likening it to Monty Python's Black Knight, who famously declared, "'Tis but a scratch, just a flesh wound."


Fortunately, Herbert's injury won't sideline him for long, with a return expected after the Chargers' Week 5 bye. His unwavering confidence sets the stage for a swift recovery.

Kenny Pickett - "A Struggling Signal-Caller"


Kenny Pickett
Kenny Pickett | Shutterstock


In Pittsburgh, the struggling Steelers suffered a heavy blow as Kenny Pickett went down with a knee injury during a failed fourth-down attempt. Though not season-ending, the injury involves the MCL and potentially the meniscus.


Pickett now faces a daunting four to six-week recovery period. The Steelers left with backup Mitchell Trubisky, hope Pickett's absence won't be a setback they can't overcome.


Javonte Williams - "Redemption Interrupted"


Javonte Williams
Javonte Williams | Instagram


Denver Broncos running back Javonte Williams had embarked on a redemption tour after a serious knee injury in 2022. However, a hip flexor injury against the Bears halted his momentum.


The silver lining for the Broncos is that Williams is not expected to miss much time, ensuring their ground game remains a formidable force.

Davante Adams - "A Grueling Choice"


Davante Adams
Davante Adams | NFL


In Las Vegas, star wide receiver Davante Adams faced a pivotal moment. Suffering a shoulder injury during a game against the Chargers, Adams made a tough choice. Despite the discomfort, he returned to the field, aiding his team's comeback effort.


The question is whether Adams will be ready for a highly anticipated showdown with his former team, the Green Bay Packers, on "Monday Night Football" in Week 5.


Jarvis Landry - "The Buccaneers' Setback"


Jarvis Landry
Jarvis Landry | New Orleans Saints


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, eager to maintain their momentum, were dealt a blow when Jarvis Landry suffered a hamstring injury against the Saints.


Coach Todd Bowles stated that the seriousness of the injury remains uncertain, pending further tests. Landry's absence will undoubtedly be felt, as he had become a key target for quarterback Baker Mayfield.


Injuries in the NFL are not just physical setbacks; they are also tests of mental fortitude. These players now find themselves in the challenging position of watching their teams compete without them. It's a true testament to the dedication and resolve of NFL athletes that they embrace these trials, putting in the hard work to return to the field and do what they love.


As October unfolds, the NFL landscape promises intrigue as these players navigate the unpredictable path of recovery. In their absence, teams will adapt, rookies will step up, and fans will hold their breath, hoping for the triumphant return of their beloved stars. Injuries may be an inevitable part of the game. Still, these players' resilience and determination make the NFL a true spectacle, no matter the obstacles in their path.