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5 Premier League Clubs With the Lowest Attendance

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

The Premier League is arguably the number one football league globally, with more viewers and game attendance. 

Since the 2022/ 2023 season began, some clubs have recorded significant game attendance, and some have not. 

In this article, we will be ranking the Premier league clubs with the lowest game attendance, judging by the season's first six games. 

  1. AFC Bournemouth

AFC Bournemouth has one of the smallest stadiums in the English Premier League, but they still find it hard to fill it with their fans. 

Soccer analysts ranked them the first since they have managed to keep about 89.9 per cent of their stadium full since the season began. 

Their stadium, named Vitality Stadium, has had an average attendance of 10,179 people from the season's first six games. 

  1. Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace supporters are known to put up one of the best displays in the Premier League, but it seems they might be falling behind in game attendance. 

Playing games at Selhurst Park is one of the best feelings fans and soccer players cherish. However, the club has just managed to get about 24,114 average attendance this season. 

Having a 24,114 average attendance means that, on average, only about 92.6 percent of their stadium has been filled since the 22/23 season began. 

  1. Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest was recently promoted to the Premier League, and they have made headlines after signing more than 20 players in the last transfer window. 

The newly promoted club is looking forward to extending its stay in the Premier League. One or more seasons in the English Premier League would be an excellent boost for the club; they want to achieve this with their new signings. 

However, they have one of the lowest attendance in the Premier League, judging from the season's first six games. 

With an average attendance of 28,988 people, only about 95.2 percent of The City Ground has been filled since the season began. 

  1. Southampton

Southampton is right behind Nottingham Forest on the Premier League clubs with the lowest game attendance list. 

The club has been one of the Premier League clubs which always manages to escape relegation, although they have had a Rocky start to the season with seven points in 6 games. 

On average, only about 95.8 percent of the St Mary Stadium has been filled since the season started, with an average attendance of 31,028 people. 

  1. Leeds United

Leeds United is one of the English Premier league underdogs, waiting to disgrace any big six. 

With a rough start to the season, the Elland Road has hosted only about 36,352 people on average; that is about 95.9 percent of its capacity. 

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