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50GB of Unreleased Michael Jackson Content Leaked via Google Drive

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By Judy Perkins - - 5 Mins Read

In an unexpected turn of events, Michael Jackson's unreleased songs were stolen by a hacker who took away 50GB of the late musician's unreleased songs. The news first broke out to the public when a popular music news channel called Daily Loud posted on Twitter, saying, "50 GB of unreleased Michael Jackson content, including unreleased songs and demos, has been stolen and leaked." 


More details into this new development showed that it wasn't only his music that the criminal stole. The thief also took away other content, such as unreleased snippets and demos. According to several sources, the music and other content belonging to the music legend got stolen after the laptop and hard drive of his sound engineer was stolen. 

Brad Sundberg was the sound engineer whose laptop and the hard drive was stolen, leading to the leak of the late musician's unreleased content. However, the name of the content criminal or any other form of identity has not been found or announced to the public. It has generated a lot of opinions on the internet as many wonder what the unreleased content of the "King of Pop" sounded like. 

It was reported that the laptop and hard drive were stolen last week Friday, but the time and location of the theft are yet to be disclosed. 

Michael Jackson's Unreleased Content 

Michael Jackson's albums and songs created certain trends during the height of his career, and he was a massive dominant force in the music industry. The phenomenal musician had created certain trends such as the moonwalk and robot. Michael Jackson's music also brought several accolades to the singer, who is one of the most awarded musicians. 

Even before the latest leak was recorded, it has always been known that Michael Jackson had so much music and other entertainment content that he was yet to release before his sudden death. Apart from some of the musical content leaked in the 50GB theft, most of the Michael Jackson songs that have not been released were registered by his company, Mijac Music, with professional musical bodies. 

Some music organisations registered with these unreleased songs for protection are the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP, Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI), and many others. As reported, the songs registered with these bodies are only some of the unreleased Michael Jackson songs. Many other musical contents were not registered with these bodies. 

Apparently, the 50GB file reportedly stolen last Friday is part of the numerous unreleased content Michael Jackson left before his untimely death in 2009.

Even after his death, there was a time when some of Michael Jackson's albums and songs were scheduled to be posthumously released by his music company. But it seems the plan has been called off, as they are here to release those songs before this latest theft. The musical company of the dead music legend is yet to release an official statement concerning the wide spreading news of Michael Jackson's stolen content.