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7 Fool-proof Ways to Promote Your New Restaurant

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
A person working at a restaurant
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Running a restaurant to bring your restaurant business plan alive is an expensive undertaking, leaving little time for restaurateurs, owners, and managers to focus on marketing. Nevertheless, a savvy marketing strategy or a restaurant promotion idea is often the initial line of defense against vacant tables.


Are you in search of optimal strategies to enhance your restaurant business plans? Or are you dissatisfied with the outcomes and require a push? Below are some innovative promotion restaurant ideas for your restaurant business plan that can make it stand out.


1. A loyalty program should be established.


Restaurants can ensure repeat visits from satisfied customers by implementing a customer loyalty program. This can be achieved by providing rewards to customers based on their frequency of visits or the amount spent, which helps to retain the most profitable customers. The program can include various incentives such as physical rewards, cash-backs, discounts, and free products. It is important to determine how the program can benefit both the customer and the business.


Customers waiting in line at a restaurant

By implementing a loyalty program, you can achieve the following benefits:


1) Encourage customers to return to your restaurant.


2) Strengthen connections with your patrons.


3) Establish a database of your guests.


4) Boost the frequency of customer visits.


2. Construct a sophisticated and practical website.

In this digital era, all your customers, old and new, can be located online. Therefore, it is crucial to have a fully functional website that reflects your restaurant's personality and food philosophy. You can either seek professional assistance to design and develop a website or try creating one yourself.


A person holding an


Ensure that your website showcases the most enticing visuals of your menu. Use persuasive content to highlight what sets you apart. Additionally, include a menu, customer feedback, and a reservation system, and provide clear directions and a map to locate or contact your establishment. Don't settle for anything less than excellence.


There are several benefits to owning a website:


1) Establish a powerful brand identity.


2) Create a central hub for all social media channels.


3) Enable online reservation bookings.


4) Provide customers with a preview of what to expect.


5) Boost traffic by appearing in search engine results.


3. Promote your restaurant's  image on social media


Social media presents an excellent opportunity to engage with your patrons and highlight what sets your eatery apart in the virtual world. As social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram continue to attract more users who share their dining experiences, your business must know how to connect with these customers.

A person serving at a restaurant

Further advantages of social media interaction include:


1) Precise targeting of your customer base.

2) Turning customers into brand advocates.

3) Cost-effective marketing.

4) Enhancing trust and loyalty in your brand.


4. Appear on Google search results.

To rank first on Google when people search for restaurants online, it is crucial to update your business details on Google. Since 95% of web searches occur on Google, this can significantly increase your restaurant's visibility in local search results and improve your local ranking on Google Search and Maps. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

A smartphone showing Google search results

1) Provide complete and accurate information about your business.

2) Verify your business location.

3) Keep your business hours up-to-date.

4) Respond to customer reviews.

5) Include photos of your restaurant.


5. Organize Events

Organizing events like open mic nights, happy hours, and karaoke bars is not only entertaining but also an effective way to promote your restaurant. These events will excite your customers, and you can even offer gift coupons, free drinks, or appetizers to the winners.

A person singing at a karaoke

Here are some restaurant promotion event ideas:


1) Host a food-tasting event.

2) Arrange a comedy night.

3) Plan topic talks related to your establishment, such as cuisine and culture, ingredients, and cooking methods.

4) Organize a wine and cheese event.

5) Host a karaoke or open mic event.

6) Have live music or a DJ performance.


6. Generate exclusive offers for particular weekdays.

This promotion idea has worked at its best for many restaurant owners. Restaurants can attract customers during slow periods and generate excitement around their offerings by offering special deals on specific days of the week. 

An exquisite banquet table

These deals not only encourage customers to try new menu items but also establish loyalty by providing a consistent and memorable experience. Consider Taco Tuesdays, Wine Wednesdays, Trivia Nights, and Family Nights as examples.


7. Involve Your Clients

A brilliant strategy for marketing your restaurant is to establish a personal connection with your clientele. One way to achieve this is by handing out customer feedback forms to evaluate your service.

A waiter talking to customers at the restaurant
Serving and responding to customers with a smile (Pexels)


Additionally, you can utilize your database to send personalized birthday and anniversary coupons to customers or notify them via email of any special promotions or events taking place at your establishment.


Effective engagement programs are simple to comprehend and operate, offer concrete incentives that are highly appreciated by clients, and establish a feeling of exclusivity and acknowledgment for loyal patrons. For further convenience and engagement, they can be incorporated with mobile apps or online ordering systems.



There exists a plethora of restaurant promotion ideas that can effectively enhance sales and bring you, fresh patrons. These include strategies such as engaging customers, social media campaigns, happy hour deals, email advertising, loyalty schemes, and developing a refined and functional website.