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Adele Under Pressure to Release Album She Secretly Recorded

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By Oscar Blair - - 5 Mins Read

Adele's New Album Inspired By Rich Paul 

According to reports, Adele is preparing to launch a fresh album later this year.

The singer who made waves with her chart-topping track 'Easy On Me' released her fourth studio album '30' two years back after a long break of six years. Surprisingly, it appears that another project is in the works and might be unveiled earlier than anticipated by her ardent followers.

The British sensation has reportedly written a series of emotional songs about her fiancé Rich Paul, which are expected to be included in her upcoming album. This revelation comes from a tabloid that claims her newfound love has been a major source of inspiration for her.

According to an insider, the mother of one is considering transitioning from being known as the queen of heartbreak ballads to writing love songs.

Her life has undergone a complete transformation since then. She has gone from hitting rock bottom to being head over heels in love and is eager to share her happiness with the world.

Her upcoming album will be her most optimistic yet, reflecting her positive outlook. She is moving away from being known solely for heartbreak ballads.

Reportedly, Adele, aged 34, commenced a romantic relationship with her American sports agent partner, Rich Paul, aged 41, during the summer of 2021. Sources claim that the couple is now engaged and preparing for a wedding that is expected to take place this summer.

During her Vegas residency earlier this year and at the BRITs 2022, where the engagement rumors initially surfaced, the songstress behind ‘Rolling In The Deep’ was seen donning a stunning diamond engagement ring.

Although they have not addressed the speculations about their engagement, the A-list duo has been thriving and residing in a magnificent Beverly Hills estate.

During one of her Vegas shows in December, Adele honored her speculated fiancé by dedicating a song to him. As she sang, she wished him a happy birthday and expressed her deep love for him, revealing his name to be Rich.

During her show, she brought up Rich once more and made a joke about how he was 'furious' when a fan attempted to pass on their phone number to her. However, the singer clarified the situation while on stage and stated that the individual in question was actually 'attempting to sell her a vehicle'.

Although she clarified the humorous interaction, she subsequently quipped that her partner, Rich, was not amused. In a video, a male individual attempted to hand Adele a message while she navigated through the audience, causing the vocalist to chuckle and return the note.

The next day on her show, she addressed the rumors and stated, "This morning I received a text message claiming that a man attempted to give me his phone number while I was walking through this area last night. 

However, that was not the case. He was attempting to sell me a car," she chuckled, as shown in a video shared by Jorge Preciado, a concert attendee.

She went on to share with the crowd the response of her significant other upon hearing the news. "I informed my partner, and he was furious... He even said, 'That guy deserves to be punished'," she joked.