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Again, Tom Brady Shares Decision About Ditching Retirement to Salvage Patriots

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
American football player Tom Brady
Tom Brady | Shutterstock

In the realm of American football, few names shine as brightly as Tom Brady. The legendary quarterback has won an impressive seven Super Bowl championships throughout his career.


But as the football world continues to speculate about his possible return from retirement, Brady has once again made it clear – he's staying retired, and the New England Patriots will have to find their path to glory.


After announcing his first retirement in February 2022, Brady sent shockwaves through the NFL by returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the following month. He then retired "for good" in February this year, leaving fans both awestruck and longing for more.


In a recent episode of his "Let's Go!" On A SiriusXM show and podcast, he put an end to the rumors, saying, "My parents would call, my kids would call. They'd kill me. I won't be around tonight."


Now, at the age of 46, Brady is ready for a new chapter in his life. He recently expressed his excitement about never having to wear a helmet again, marking the end of his remarkable 32-year journey in football. He is even rumored to be dating a hot super-model!


Instead of taking snaps, he's gearing up to become Fox's lead NFL analyst for the upcoming season and aiming to become a limited partner of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Tom Brady and Matt Ryan hug themselves
Matt Ryan hugs Tom Brady, celebrating his 22-year career | Shutterstock

However, Brady's plans to join the Raiders have hit a snag. The Washington Post reported concerns from the NFL's finance committee about the discounted price offered by Mark Davis, the principal owner of the Raiders. Despite the roadblock, Brady's commitment to his new endeavors remains unwavering.


Even though some continue to speculate about Brady's return, he is adamant about his decision. "As I said, you're only allowed one un-retirement, and I've used it up," he explained during the podcast episode. With grace and humor, he has declared that his playing days are over.


The New England Patriots, currently led by the promising but struggling Mac Jones, had a glimmer of hope when former Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel suggested that Brady could swoop in and guide them to a seventh Super Bowl title.


However, Brady has firmly shut the door on that possibility. He is determined to stay in the broadcasting booth, sharing his wealth of football knowledge with fans from a different perspective.


As for those who still hold out hope for Brady's return until they see him in a broadcast booth, it's time to accept reality. Tom Brady has ridden off into the sunset as a player, leaving behind an indelible legacy in the NFL. While his retirement may disappoint some, there's no denying that his impact on the sport will continue to be felt for generations to come.


Ultimately, the NFL community and New England Patriots fans can put their hopes and fears regarding Tom Brady's return to rest. Retirement is here to stay, and the football world must move forward without its most iconic figure on the field.


Tom Brady has decided, and it's time for the next chapter in his legendary career, one that promises new and exciting adventures in the world of football broadcasting and beyond.