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AI is Helping to Catch Drivers Who Throw Trash Out of the Window

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By Oscar Blair - - 5 Mins Read
Littering the road from a car window
Littering from a car

Artificial intelligence is about to become more useful than we expected. According to reports from The Metro, AI cameras are being set up on highways in the United Kingdom to catch drivers that have formed the habit of dropping trash out their windows. This AI camera will use identification technology to help identify registered drivers caught in the act.

Once an AI camera captures an image of any driver dropping trash from their car, it is immediately sent to law enforcers that would now take up the case against the suspects. According to The Metro reports, the cameras will be installed in the coming weeks, and those found guilty of breaking these traffic laws will be fined. The fine for the perpetrators of crimes like this can be up to 100 British pounds or 126 US dollars. 

Some collaborations have been made to ensure the success of this initiative. National Highways, a body that was set up to maintain and improve major roads, has been commissioned to carry out trials regarding the new AI cameras and check if there should be any improvements. It is after these trials that the initiative will be opened to the public.

A subsidiary of East Hampshire county council will also be partnered with for other purposes. Metro noted that, unlike CCTV cameras, officials don't have to watch for hours before they can retrieve the image of lawbreakers. Once the AI camera takes a picture as a traffic law breaker, it is immediately sent to an enforcer to make the process much easier for them. 

According to The Telegraph, the first place where cameras will be rolled out will be in the southeast of England. When their comment was requested by news outlets, National Highways didn't immediately respond. The Clean Up Britain campaign group said in February that the rate at which the country's highways are becoming littered is now getting out of hand.

The Clean Up Britain campaign group even threatened that they would be willing to sue the National Highways if they didn't take action to improve the highway situation. But it seems the campaign group is not impressed by the latest development around AI cameras. John Read, Clean Up Britain's founder, said that the latest collaborations around AI cameras are meaningless, although they sounded good. 

AI Camera to Monitor Delivery Shifts 

In February, an Amazon delivery driver talked about how AI cameras were used to monitor their shifts. According to the delivery driver, she said that the Amazon AI camera often flags down drivers that do not put on their seat belts and those that sip too much coffee.

A security camera hanging on a pole on the road.

"That camera is watching me while I drive so I cannot do a lot. If I want a sip of my coffee, I have to pull over so that I can grab it and drink it because if I do it while I'm driving than that's a driver distracted, which is also a violation. I can't touch the center console or else that is a driver distracted violation," she said. 

The video has amassed a lot of views on TikTok, and it discusses the potential of AI cameras." The safety technology in delivery vans help keep drivers and the communities where we deliver safe, and claims that these cameras are intended for anything else are incorrect. Since we started using them, we've seen a 35% reduction in collision rates across the network along with a reduction in distracted driving, speeding, tailgating, sign and signal violations, and drivers not wearing their seatbelts," an Amazon spokesperson said.