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Apple Sets to Introduce 2 App Stores in Europe

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
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In compliance with the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple has announced its plans to divide the App Store and enable app sideloading within the region.


These significant modifications are set to be implemented by March 7, marking a notable departure from the current App Store ecosystem.


As Apple prepares to adapt to the DMA requirements, concerns arise regarding the potential impact on app availability, user experience, and security.

Apple's Response to the European Union's Mandate

With the impending Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple is gearing up to make necessary changes to the App Store in the European Union.


Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has revealed that Apple plans to make changes to the App Store in the EU to comply with the DMA. Apple has until March 7 to complete the necessary modifications.


The division of the App Store may have consequences for European users regarding app availability and diversity. Additionally, developers may prioritize one store or face challenges adapting to two distinct landscapes.


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It is possible that European users may have access to a limited selection of apps compared to users in other parts of the world. This could lead to an imbalance in terms of app diversity. Moreover, if robust security measures are not put in place, users could be at risk of malware or data breaches.


Navigating two separate app stores involves learning new interfaces, remembering different account credentials, and managing platform updates.

Adaptation for Developers and Pricing Strategies

Developers will have to adjust pricing and comply with different app store regulations and revenue-sharing models, potentially increasing user costs.


European users might have a smaller or less diverse app selection than their global counterparts. This could be due to developers prioritizing a single store or facing challenges adapting to two distinct landscapes.


With multiple app stores, concerns may arise around the effectiveness of vetting processes and potential security vulnerabilities in alternative app stores. This could potentially expose users to malware or data breaches.


Apple's decision to comply with the Digital Markets Act and the potential division of the European App Store into separate regions are causing discussions about the effects on fairness and user experience. The changes required by the DMA will impact the App Store and other Apple products like FaceTime and Siri.


European users, developers, and the broader tech landscape eagerly await the specifics of these adjustments and how they will shape the future of Apple's software ecosystem in the region.