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Apple iPhone 15 To Launch in September — or Just Rumors?

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Apple IPhone 15 pro max: the upcoming IPhone series release with dynamic island and the iPhone trade mark triple back camera and logo, bronze color. Isolated background 3D Rendered Illustration model.
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According to the news on the street, the iPhone 15 launch date is set to happen on the 7th or 13th of September 2023, which happens to be a Wednesday and contrary to the traditional Apple Tuesday launches. However, the company is yet to give a solid date for the launch.

Over the years, Apple phone-making company has been known for always launching the iPhone series on Tuesdays. However, there will be a slight change in this year's iPhone 15 launch.


It has also been rumored that some of the iPhone series was launched later than others and were caused by shortages and that the delay in the iPhone 15 series could also be attributed to the same reason.


The announcement of the Apple iPhone 15 might be delayed until the 13th of September, while the pre-order payments will likely begin on Friday, the 15th of September. The phones would be available for sale after one week, on the 22nd of September.


What Are The New Apple iPhone 15 Specifications?

The iPhone 15 would come with an entirely new design with more curved edges and a slimmer flute.


Illustration of Apple iPhone 15


According to Forbes, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature double the maximum storage capacity compared to the iPhone 14 Pro series. Apple could manage four different storage systems, which are 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB.


Such storage bumps would further buttress the rumors about Apple's plan to increase the iPhone 15 pro series prices this year. The Apple Pro series, which is gossiped to be renamed iPhone 15 Ultra, might also have more powerful processors than the non-Pros.


Film producers and photographers are looking for as much onboard storage as possible and will be on standby for the exclusive top-tier iPhone 15 Pro series of 2 TB of storage.


They will also be looking to get acquainted with new tips and tricks to take pictures on iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 Pro has a new periscope camera lens, further improving the user's experience.


There was also a leaked case of the Apple iPhone 15 pro-Max indicating that the action button would replace the familiar mute switch, ultimately bringing an outstanding user experience.


With each passing day, excitement about the iPhone 15 Pro has increased among users who can't wait for the launch as they await the official announcement of the device to confirm the thousands of speculations about the device.