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Now You Get an Apple Watch with the iPod Feel

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Screenshot of The Tiny Pod website
Photo | Thetinypod.com

The Tiny Pod company recently shared a video on X, unveiling a new product set to launch later this summer.

The product is a shell designed for the Apple Watch, giving it the appearance of an iPod, complete with the iconic scroll wheel.

The video showcases the scroll wheel, which was groundbreaking when it debuted with the iPod in November 2001, as it smoothly navigates through the menus on an Apple Watch.

Whether you'll want to strap your Apple Watch Series 9 into this case remains to be seen. However, there is a certain symmetry to the Apple Watch transforming into an iPod that's hard to ignore.

The concept of merging the contemporary Apple Watch with the iconic design of the iPod is quite intriguing.

This innovative iPod Apple watch case provides a distinctive way to blend vintage and modern technology.

With this new shell, the Apple Watch becomes far more powerful than the original iPod.

The iPod case on the Apple Watch concept might seem unusual, but it undeniably looks cool.

The Tiny Pod has not yet provided pricing details, but its website suggests that the product will be available this summer.

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User Experience and Community Feedback

As reported on Arstechnica, a user named Newar shared the driving force behind bringing this product to market.

He made the decision to transform it "from a side project to a real, shipping product for one reason: Whenever I left the house with it, I loved how I felt."

The promotional video presents it as a "Phone away from the phone," indicating that the iPod Apple Watch case provides just enough connectivity and functionality without being a full phone.


Screenshot of the Tiny Pod concept illustration video

Concept of the Tiny Pod | Sentry/X


This idea of limited connectivity while staying present isn't new.

The original Apple Watch was meant to help users remain in the moment while still getting important notifications.

Other devices, like the Light Phone and the BoringPhone, have followed this thinking. Now, the iPod case on the Apple Watch could offer a similar experience.

Future Uses and Possibilities

The review continued. “I've worn Apple's watchOS on my wrist for years but have rarely used it for more than one-off tasks. With an LTE model and Bluetooth and AirPlay connectivity to speakers and headphones, I could see it serving as a modern, though perhaps overengineered, throwback iPod. While writing an email on an Apple Watch screen is impractical, I might check the weather, make a quick call, or dictate an SMS response.”

The real appeal of the Tiny Pod is that it doesn't require you to buy another device.

If you happen to have an old Apple Watch lying around, you can repurpose it by turning it into an iPod using this iPod Apple Watch case.

This could be a fun way to integrate an iPod into your car or living room and experiment with a more minimalist phone lifestyle without making a long-term commitment.

As more people get their hands on these cases, new uses are likely to be discovered. The key to its success will be whether the click wheel feels and functions well—a critical feature for this type of device.