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Everything About Apple's Vision Pro: Features, Specs, and How to Buy

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
A person wearing the Apple Vision Pro
Wearing the Apple Vision Pro | Ringo Chiu / Shutterstock.com

The highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset has officially launched in the U.S., marking a significant milestone in Apple's foray into augmented reality. 

Priced at $3,499, the device promises a revolutionary experience, combining advanced technology with the sleek design Apple is known for. 

Whether you're contemplating a purchase or just intrigued by the latest in wearable tech, this comprehensive overview looks into the features, specifications, and broader implications of the Apple Vision Pro.

Release Date and Availability

The Vision Pro hit U.S. stores on February 2, with a global release anticipated in 2024 or 2025.

Considering varying regulations and logistical challenges, Apple's cautious approach aims to ensure a smooth launch.

How to Buy

For eager customers, purchasing the Vision Pro is possible through Apple's official website or select Apple Stores across the United States. 

Additionally, the availability may be limited initially, emphasizing the device's exclusivity.

Apple offers in-store demos and an app for precise measurements to address concerns about fitting.

Pricing and Additional Costs

Investing in the Apple Vision Pro comes with a price tag of $3,499, inclusive of accessories such as Solo Knit Band, Dual Loop Band, external battery pack, USB-C charging cable, power adapter, light seal cushions, cover, and a polishing cloth. 


Apple Vision Pro headset
Apple Vision Pro | Jack Skeens / Shutterstock.com


Additional costs may arise for prescription lenses and optional accessories, expanding the customization possibilities.

Affordable Variant Speculations

Amidst the excitement, industry watchers speculate that a more budget-friendly Vision Pro version will emerge in 2025. 

While details are scarce, anticipating a more accessible model adds an intriguing layer to the headset's future.

Display Specs and Features

  • Display and Processing Power

The centerpiece of the Vision Pro is its cutting-edge display technology. Boasting two ultra-high-resolution 4K displays, the device creates a visual marvel with 23 million pixels.

Powering this visual spectacle is the M2 processor, a powerhouse familiar to users of high-end Mac devices, and a new R1 chip dedicated to processing input from 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones.

  • Potential Storage Upgrades

While the base model offers 256GB of storage, glimpses into developer kits with 1TB storage suggest the potential for future storage upgrades.

Apple's commitment to innovation implies that users might have more extensive storage options in subsequent iterations.

  • Functionality and Controls

The Vision Pro promises an unparalleled user experience by minimizing lag, running virtually silent, and introducing features like Personalized Spatial Audio.

Incorporating eye tracking and Optic ID enhances control and adds a layer of security to the device.

  • EyeSight Technology

One of the standout features is EyeSight, a technology that projects the user's eyes in the virtual space, creating a lifelike interaction.

This adds to the experience's realism and facilitates social interactions within the virtual environment.

  • Battery Life and Design

Addressing practical concerns, the external battery pack ensures up to two hours of uninterrupted use.

The emphasis on wearability is evident in the design, featuring a custom aluminum alloy frame and a modular structure to achieve a perfect fit for each user.

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Early Reviews and User Impressions

Early reviews highlight the emotional and immersive nature of the Vision Pro experience.

Users praise the impressive resolution and color quality, dispelling concerns about discomfort even after extended wear.

  • Real-World Applications

The Vision Pro transcends conventional expectations, enabling users to engage in various activities, from watching movies and listening to music to collaborative presentations.

The three-dimensional interface, controlled by eyes, hands, and voice, introduces a new paradigm in user interaction.

  • App Ecosystem and Navigation

Apple's commitment to app development for the Vision Pro is evident in its visionOS, a bespoke operating system tailored for visual computing.

With over 600 optimized apps available at launch and compatibility with existing iOS and iPadOS apps, the Vision Pro promises a rich and diverse ecosystem. Apple's global developer labs provide hands-on experience and support for developers.

  • Entertainment Features

Collaboration with Disney CEO Bob Iger emphasizes FaceTime's immersive experience, while the Apple TV app supports over 150 3D titles.

Gaming enthusiasts can enjoy over 100 Apple Arcade games, and the device introduces Apple Immersive Video for an enhanced entertainment experience.

  • Potential Limitations

Despite its technological prowess, the Vision Pro isn't without considerations. Users with conditions like motion sickness or pre-existing visual impairments may find the headset incompatible.

These limitations align with industry standards for VR headsets, showing the importance of understanding individual health constraints before investing in immersive technologies.

The Future of Apple Vision Pro

  • Prescription Lenses and Customization

Recognizing the diversity of users, Apple introduces ZEISS Optical Inserts, catering to readers and prescription lenses.

These inserts, magnetically attaching to the headset's lenses, enhance accessibility for visually impaired users. The seamless integration of prescription lenses aligns with Apple's commitment to inclusivity.

  • Developer Engagement and App Ecosystem

While Apple provides robust support for developers through global labs and a dedicated software development kit, challenges arise as some notable app developers express reluctance to create Vision Pro versions of their apps.

The success of the Vision Pro hinges on widespread developer engagement, influencing the diversity and richness of available applications.

  • Updates and Iterations

As Apple navigates through initial challenges, the company remains committed to enhancing the Vision Pro's capabilities through regular updates.

The visionOS, specifically designed for the headset, serves as a foundation for addressing vulnerabilities and introducing optimizations.

The App Store for Vision Pro continuously expands, offering users a growing selection of applications tailored for augmented reality experiences.

Final Thoughts

The Apple Vision Pro stands as a testament to Apple's relentless pursuit of innovation. While challenges exist, from potential developer reluctance to considerations regarding user compatibility, the Vision Pro's future looks promising.

The introduction of prescription lenses, ongoing updates, and the speculation of more affordable variants position the Vision Pro as a dynamic player in the evolving augmented reality landscape. 

As Apple continues to iterate and expand its ecosystem, the Vision Pro is poised to redefine the standards for wearable displays, paving the way for a future where immersive experiences seamlessly integrate into our daily lives.