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Argentina's Pro-Bitcoin Candidate Wins Presidential Election

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
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In a surprising turn of events in Argentina's presidential election, Javier Milei, a vocal supporter of cryptocurrencies, has been elected as the new president in a runoff election.


The win shows a significant shift in the country's political landscape, marking Milei's ascent as an advocate of Bitcoin in a nation strangled by economic challenges.


Milei, a libertarian figure, secured an impressive victory with 56% of the vote in the runoff against his opponent, Sergio Massa, who garnered just over 44%. The election outcome has resonated across Latin America, considering Argentina's standing as the continent's third most populous nation.

The Rising Pro-Bitcoin Tide

Argentina is currently experiencing financial instability, with inflation rates in triple digits. This situation has led economist Milei to believe that digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, could provide a way for people to regain control over their finances, free from government intervention.


He argues that by putting monetary control back into the hands of the private sector and highlighting Bitcoin's limited supply, it could become a secure alternative to traditional assets such as gold and silver.

Milei's Critique and Bitcoin Advocacy

Milei's ascent is underscored by his harsh criticism of Argentina's central bank, which he accuses of deceiving citizens through inflationary taxes. He has boldly called it a scam, famously describing its destruction in a cinematic political advertisement reminiscent of wielding a mythical hammer.


Javier Milei | Shutterstock


Despite his vocal support for cryptocurrencies, Milei has not proposed making Bitcoin legal tender in Argentina, unlike El Salvador.


Instead, he advocates for dollarizing the country's economy to counter the rampant inflation that has seen the peso plummet in value. His stance aligns with a desire to limit the country's inflationary problems, which increased to a staggering 135% in 2023.


Milei's Controversial Journey

Not without controversy, Milei faced legal action for allegedly promoting a Ponzi scheme in Argentina named Coinx. However, he vehemently denied any wrongdoing, likening the company's actions to those of a typical bank.

Uncertainties Looming Ahead

While Milei's presidency marks a gigantic shift in Argentina's political landscape, questions linger about how his pro-Bitcoin sentiments will translate into tangible economic policies.


His tendency toward private-sector-controlled money and his doubt about central banking may signal an impending transformation in national economic strategies, yet the exact implications remain uncertain.

Global Acknowledgment and Financial Landscape

Milei's victory has gained attention globally, receiving accolades from figures like former US President Donald Trump and industry leaders such as MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor.


Bitcoin enthusiasts are optimistic about the potential Milei presidency holds for Argentina's financial revival, viewing Bitcoin as a beacon of hope amid economic turmoil.

The Future Under Milei's Presidency

As Argentina looks forward to a new era under Milei's leadership, characterized by his doubt about central banking and strong support for crypto in Argentina, like Bitcoin, the nation looks forward to significant changes in its economic policies. With the peso hitting all-time lows against Bitcoin and inflation out of control, Milei's vision for a dollarized economy and increased reliance on cryptocurrencies shows a possibly transformative period ahead.


Milei's victory has inflamed hope among the populace for reviving Argentina's economic fortunes, but uncertainty is everywhere regarding the practical implementation of his crypto-friendly policies. The world watches passionately as Argentina ventures into uncharted territory under its new pro-Bitcoin president, Javier Milei.

Related Developments

Hyperinflation has pushed Bitcoin to record highs against the Argentine peso in a parallel narrative, further underscoring the urgency for alternative financial strategies.


Currently, Bitcoin stands at an all-time high of about ARS 13.2 million per BTC, presenting a harsh difference to the falling value of the peso in the face of escalating inflation.