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Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up About Presidency, Why America Needs Young Blood

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Saint Pittsburgh
Arnold Schwarzenegger | Shutterstock

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic Austrian bodybuilder turned Hollywood action star and former Governor of California, has always been a larger-than-life figure.


In a recent interview with the BBC, he reflected on his journey through American politics and his thoughts on what could make a great U.S. president.


Schwarzenegger, who is currently on a promotional tour for his new book, "Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life," as well as a Netflix documentary aptly titled "Arnold," took a moment to discuss his political aspirations.


The Terminator actor is no stranger to politics, having served as the Governor of California from 2003 to 2011. However, he made it clear that he had considered a run for the highest office in the land.


"I feel like I would make a great president. Everything I've accomplished was because of America," Schwarzenegger stated, highlighting his deep appreciation for the opportunities he found in the United States.


Indeed, his journey from a young Austrian immigrant with a strong accent and a hulking physique to a globally recognized movie star and politician is a testament to the American dream.


Melanie Griffiths and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood
Melanie Griffiths and Arnold Schwarzenegger | Feature Flash


The documentary "Arnold" sheds light on the challenges Schwarzenegger had to overcome during his rise to fame. His imposing physique was initially seen as a potential obstacle, as some believed it might scare audiences.


Moreover, his distinctive Austrian accent was thought to hinder his acting career and even elicit unintentional laughter. Yet, Schwarzenegger's determination and charisma helped him triumph over these initial setbacks.


Arnold Schwarzenegger's love for America is evident. He expressed gratitude for the opportunities he received and the warm reception he experienced from the American people.


"America gave me so many opportunities, and the American people were so embracive, and they just received me with open arms," he stated.


Despite his considerable success, Schwarzenegger remains humble and acknowledges that he can't run for president due to constitutional restrictions.


While he may not pursue the presidency, Schwarzenegger is still actively engaged in political discussions. He offered his thoughts on the need for younger leaders in American politics, expressing his hope for a new generation of leaders.


"I just hope America finds some young blood," he emphasized.


"Because to me, it is a little bit odd that we are having a battle between people today in the late 70s and early 80s, rather than people in the 40s and 50s or maybe even younger and have them have a chance at this great, great job."


Schwarzenegger's sentiments join the mounting pressure on older candidates by the voting population to address the age issues while running for office. Of course, Schwarzenegger reflects his belief in the importance of fresh perspectives and younger voices in shaping the nation's future.


While he may have entertained the idea of a presidential run, he now prefers to contribute to the political discourse by advocating for a new generation of leaders to take the helm.


Although it's a matter of speculation whether Arnold Schwarzenegger would have been a great U.S. president, his unwavering commitment to the American dream and his advocacy for young leaders in the political arena demonstrate his dedication to the United States and its future.