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Licking is Alright: Health Experts Explain Why Dog Licks are Beneficial

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
A happy pet owner being licked by a dog
Dog licks are healthy | Shutterstock

Medical experts have shared that it is actually healthy for dogs to lick their owners all over, even though it might sound weird or gross.


Doctor James Kinross confirms that this act can lead to an improvement in the stability of human health. This is because dog licking makes the digestive system healthier by increasing the diversity of microbes in the gut.


Most of the world's population lives in urban areas, where it's difficult to coexist with animals or accommodate large families. This lifestyle is not conducive to nurturing the microbiome diversity in our gut, which in turn affects our immune system.


Despite the gross or irritating nature of the subject, it's undeniable that we're experiencing a disastrous loss of exposure to very important bugs.


According to Doctor James Kinross, kids who are raised in modern flats and isolated households will have less diverse and rich microbiomes because they do not play outside and play with animals as much as needed.

Why Does My Dog Lick Me?

There are several reasons why a dog licks its owner. A dog licks its owner to show affection. They can lick your arms, legs, feet, or face as a show of affection toward you. Although some dogs tend to lick more than others, it doesn't mean that they are less affectionate.


A happy dog licking its nose
Photo | James Barker/Unsplash


Dogs often lick their owners to seek attention. They might be feeling bored or lonely and crave your company. A dog that craves attention feels rewarded with any kind of attention, be it positive or negative.


Saying "No" or pushing it away may not be effective as it communicates to the dog that you are not ignoring the licking and can further encourage them to continue.


A dog can also lick you following its intuitions or because of the way you taste; dogs like anything that has a good taste, and you might have an interesting flavor that makes it enjoy licking you.

What Are The Benefits Of Dog Licking You?

According to a report from a veterinary doctor in Gatundu North James Kamadu, dog saliva can cure human wounds as it helps to quicken the healing process.


He disclosed that a dog’s saliva possesses a compound known as histatatins, which have been strongly proven to quicken the recovery process of a wound.


Histatins stimulate the spread of new skin cells, thereby enabling a wound to heal faster". Doctor James says that most people scare dogs away from licking their wounds, but the licks are of benefit to human health.


He also mentioned that a dog's lick can alter a person's mood. By tickling a sad person, it can trigger laughter and overall boost the mood of the unhappy person.


Explaining further, he said, “If a person is having a bad day or overthinking about some matters, the dog licks will make them distracted and make the person aware of their current environment.”


Dog licks also show that your furry little buddy is happy with you. Most dogs won't lick their owners when they are unhappy with them. If you want to know if a dog is unhappy, just know that it won't be interested in licking you.


There are several benefits of dogs licking humans if only you don't scare them away.