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9 Incredible and Memorable Things to do on a First Date

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
A couple on an outdoor date
Featured Photo | Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock

When you start dating someone new, it can be difficult to decide where to go on your first date. It's important to make a good impression since first impressions can be lasting.


Your first date can determine whether the relationship will continue or not, so it's crucial to choose the right location.


So, check out these nine awesome ideas for a first date. They might seem random, but trust me, they're unique and could be perfect for you and your date. Don't miss out on the ninth suggestion, it could seriously impress your date. So make sure to read till the end!

1. Coffee date in a bookstore


A couple in a coffee bar
Photo | Curvd/Unsplash


First up is a coffee date at a bookstore, which may seem like a cliché but is still underrated. Imagine that the air is filled with the smell of freshly ground coffee as you explore the wonderful world of written adventures.


The store is well-organized, and there is peace and quiet around you and your date. This makes for a great time to enjoy each other's company and have deep conversations while getting to know each other better.


But if you know your date is an extrovert, you would know not to take her there. Instead, you should take her somewhere livelier, so let's go to the next spot.

2. Do something with a farm


A couple takes pictures in a farm
Date in a farm | Chermiti Mohamed


Farm work may seem old-fashioned, but it can be very therapeutic. Imagine the fresh scent of trees and the sound of farm animals in a peaceful setting.


You and your date could water plants and pick seasonal fruits together on a farm, which is a great way to get to know each other. You can have fun without worrying about your appearance.


Such dates often end with cooking a meal from what you picked or enjoying the fresh fruits. These types of dates usually end well and leave both people eager for the next one.


 3. Take part in a friendly competition


A couple playing a game
Couple playing a game | Bao Truong


Another fun, if slightly cliche, idea for a date is to play games where both people have to compete with each other.


Participating in healthy competitions can be a fun way for couples to bond, just like farming activities. Couples can spend quality time together at parks, fairs, and other venues where they can play games and enjoy each other's company.


However, if one person is self-centered, it may not be a good idea as losing could ruin the date for them. It's better to find a cozy place to relax and chat after the competition to make the most of the experience.

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 4. Go to a video arcade


People gaming in a video game arcade
Video game arcade | Yara/Unsplash


Everyone has a child inside of them, whether they realize it or not. One way to have a fun and memorable date is to bring out the child in both you and your partner.


Many people tend to act too serious, so if you can help someone to loosen up and have fun, they will feel more comfortable around you. This is a perfect idea for a date with a partner who is a bit too uptight, as it will help them to get to know you better.


You can create a fun and light atmosphere by playing your favorite games, showing off your skills, and making jokes.


 5. Go for a walk


Couple take a walk while holding hands
Taking a walk | Scott Broome


You can take the second party on a hike if you come in fifth. Just being there in peace and quiet lets you breathe fresh air, and every stop you guys make can give you ideas for more stories.


Instead of a slow walk, make your first date more exciting by going on a hike. Being in nature is a good way to connect with others and have deep conversations. Hiking trails and big parks are beautiful places to be alone or with a friend. The scenery makes it easier to be quiet while you both enjoy the view.


 6. Go to a bar for trivia night

Couple in a bar holding cocktails
Couple participates in a bar trivia night | Himanshu Choudhary/Unsplash

Bring some energy to your first date by going to a nearby bar for trivia night. Trivia is a fun activity that everyone can do together, so you don't have to talk all the time.


The competitive spirit brings people together, so put down your phones and enjoy the lively atmosphere.


 7. Go to an escape room


Escape room keys
Keys to an escape room | Shutterstock



An escape room is a great place to go on a date because it tests your ability to work together and solve problems.


For some people, the essence of an escape room is a chance to save each other, but not in a way that could kill them. The shared experience breaks the ice naturally, and the laughter that follows is priceless, win or lose.


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 8. Board Game Café

Young couple playing a board game on the floor
Couple playing a board game | Shutterstock

Consider visiting a board game cafe or a bar that offers board games in order to get into the spirit of play.


Playing games with other people can help you gain insights into their childhoods and how they handle competition. Not only can it keep you entertained, but it can also help to fill any awkward silences that may arise.


 9. A picnic outside

Couple having a nice time at a picnic
A picnic date | Clay Banks/Unsplash

Plan a thoughtful picnic in a park or by the beach to make the space feel more private. Taking the time to put together a picnic basket shows care and thoughtfulness, making the date even more special.


The peaceful ambiance of the park or beach is perfect for having deep conversations and getting to know each other better.


It's not enough to choose the right activity for your first date; you also need to make sure the atmosphere is right for a real connection.


There are a lot of different options for these nine great first date ideas, from exploring bookstores to having a friendly competition and enjoying the peace and quiet of a picnic.


So, make plans, be open to new experiences, and make memories that aren't like any other. After all, a great first date sets the stage for a possible journey of shared experiences and long-lasting bonds.