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Biden Never Speaks About His Youngest Granddaughter, Voters Spark Controversies

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
US president Joe Biden standing on a podium wearing sunglasses
US president Joe Biden | Shutterstock

The controversy surrounding Joe Biden's youngest granddaughter, fathered by his son Hunter Biden, has raised questions about the president's family values and their potential impact on his approval rating.


Biden, known for emphasizing family values throughout his political career, has faced scrutiny for not publicly acknowledging his seventh granddaughter, who was born during a difficult period when Hunter was struggling with drug addiction.


The situation has garnered mixed reactions from voters, with some, like David Basenow, a Philedaphian publisher, arguing that it humanizes Biden and makes him more relatable to everyday struggles. Basenow told USA Today that he believes acknowledging this aspect of his family would demonstrate authenticity and empathy.


However, others, like Beth Binns, criticize Joe Biden's refusal to acknowledge the child, viewing it as a moral and ethical failing, given his image as a devoted family man and devout Catholic.


The president's approval rating has been closely monitored since he got into office, and controversies surrounding his family, including the issue with his granddaughter, may impact his popularity among voters. While some supporters view it as a personal matter and are willing to overlook it, others see it as potentially tarnishing his image and questioning his commitment to the values he promotes.


Joe Biden's approval rating has been subject to fluctuations, influenced by various factors such as his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, foreign policy, and social issues. However, the controversy surrounding his granddaughter adds complexity to his personal and political life, as it contrasts with his public persona as a devoted family man.


Additionally, the matter has been infused with political tension, as adversaries are using it to criticize Joe Biden and call into question his moral character. Republican contenders have condemned him for allegedly failing to acknowledge his seventh grandchild, asserting that he lacks compassion. As a result, the subject has been transformed into a political discussion point, despite the standard practice in Washington to refrain from attacking politicians' families.


As a crucial indicator of effectiveness and political support, a president's approval rating reflects how the public perceives their job performance and leadership qualities. A decline in approval rating could impact Biden's ability to pass legislation and face challenges from both the opposition and within his party.


The upcoming 2024 presidential election is drawing near, and how President Joe Biden handles this sensitive issue could potentially affect public sentiment and political outcomes. While some of his supporters may view it as a personal matter and continue to stand by him, others may find it concerning and question his authenticity as a family-oriented leaders authenticity as a family-oriented leader.


Joe Biden speaking at a rally

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The controversy surrounding Joe Biden's youngest granddaughter and his decision not to publicly acknowledge her have sparked debate among supporters and opponents alike. It has raised questions about his family values and how it may impact his approval rating.


There are differing opinions regarding the impact of a certain issue on Biden's image as a devoted family man and devout Catholic. While some consider it a personal matter, others believe that it could shape public sentiment and potentially affect Biden's political standing in the upcoming 2024 presidential election as the political landscape changes.