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Is ChatGPT Better Than Gemini and Copilot? 5 Ways to Tell

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
AI chatbots
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OpenAI was one of the early adopters of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot. However, other tech giants like Google and Microsoft soon followed suit and launched their own platforms.

Today, several contenders in the AI industry exist, including ChatGPT Plus, Gemini Advanced, and Copilot Pro.

After extensive testing on all three platforms, it is clear that each one possesses unique characteristics catering to different user needs.

While Gemini excels in content creation, Copilot offers speed and additional features in its free tier. On the other hand, ChatGPT Plus boasts a more extended history and provides several distinct advantages.

Let’s examine five key areas where ChatGPT's legacy sets it apart from its competitors:

1. Pioneering new features

ChatGPT had an advantage in terms of feature development due to its early entry into the AI industry. It had been fully operational for almost a year before Copilot and several months ahead of Gemini, which gave it ample time to modify its algorithms and introduce new functionalities.

One example of this is ChatGPT Plus, which incorporated GPT-4 Turbo in March 2023, marking a significant milestone that positions it as an industry leader.


Features provided by ChatGPT
ChatGPT features | Screengrab


Microsoft's Copilot, which used OpenAI's training data, was slower to adopt GPT-4 Turbo. It only became available after the launch of the Pro subscription in January 2024.

ChatGPT's longer history of driving innovation and staying ahead of the curve could be seen as a strategic advantage.

While Gemini relies on native data for its predictions, this could pose challenges in predicting its future feature releases. However, competition within the market could incentivize Google to accelerate its development efforts.

2. Better AI-generated art

ChatGPT Plus is a text-generation tool proficient in creating text and with outstanding art capabilities. It is associated with DALL-E, an AI-powered tool for generating images.

Gemini Advanced can generate images but struggles with creating realistic images of people and graphics that combine text and pictures.

Of course, Google themselves acknowledged these shortcomings and even promised "to do better."

In contrast, ChatGPT Plus has excelled in these areas, thanks to its advanced algorithms, which produce excellent visual results.

Despite occasional quirks in ChatGPT's output, such as distorted faces or misspelt text, it still outperforms Gemini in several scenarios.

Moreover, Copilot struggles with basic instructions for image generation.

3. Copyright protection mechanics

The development of AI has brought ethical considerations to the forefront, particularly with regards to copyright infringement and intellectual property rights.

ChatGPT Plus has taken a principled stance by refusing to replicate an artist's style without their consent, promoting respect for the artist's work, and encouraging creativity and originality in AI-generated art.

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While both Gemini Advanced and Copilot Pro can easily mimic the style of specific artists, ChatGPT Plus prioritizes ethical principles and user agreement. 

ChatGPT Plus presents itself as a conscientious and responsible AI platform by valuing the rights of artists and creators. In doing so, it fosters trust and collaboration within the creative community.

4. Protection of personal data

In today's digital age, privacy concerns have become significant, and users are requesting greater transparency and control over their data.

ChatGPT Plus has implemented strict privacy measures to safeguard user information and build trust among its user base. The measures include automatic data deletion every 30 days, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or misuse of users' chat data.


ChatGPT data delete section
ChatGPT let's you delete personal data | Screengrab


In contrast, while Gemini Advanced offers tools for data deletion, some data may be retained for up to three years, potentially exposing users to privacy risks.

Similarly,  Copilot Pro does not use input for training, so manual data deletion may inconvenience users and pose challenges in ensuring data security.

5. Flexibility with third-party extensions

ChatGPT offers specialized GPT variations that are designed for specific tasks, which boost its flexibility and performance. These specialized GPTs allow AI to be utilized in various fields, ranging from research to code development, resulting in new opportunities for innovation and improved productivity.

Additionally, most of these GPTs can be incorporated into third-party apps, extending ChatGPT's capabilities beyond standalone use.

As an example, users can utilize integrations with platforms such as Kayak for trip planning or Adobe Express for graphic design.

ChatGPT provides numerous extensions that enhance its functionality and user experience, including web browser integration and AI-powered note-taking during virtual meetings.

On the other hand, Gemini and Copilot have software integration with their parent companies, but they do not offer the same level of versatility and customization options as ChatGPT due to the limited range of GPTs and extensions available.


ChatGPT Plus is at the forefront of AI chatbots, offering innovative features and user-friendly tools. After thorough testing against competitors like Gemini Advanced and Copilot Pro, it's clear that ChatGPT Plus has unique strengths.

With early adoption of GPT-4 Turbo and advanced art generation with DALL-E, it stands out for its commitment to user privacy and respecting artists' rights. Its diverse range of specialized GPT variations and extensions makes it a versatile option for users seeking cutting-edge AI capabilities.