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5 Countries With the Worst Passports in 2023

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
A man holding up a passport
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Passports are a symbolic representation of freedom and access. They determine the places you can visit, the duration of your stay, and the opportunities available to you.


A strong passport opens a world of possibilities, enabling you to explore new territories and pursue global opportunities. However, in a world that is facing unprecedented challenges, the strength of a passport is not always a guarantee for mobility.

The Importance of Passports Amidst Global Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the value of a second passport. Wealthy individuals realized the potential for flexibility—a second residence as a retreat and an additional citizenship to navigate travel restrictions.


The pinnacle passport loses its luster when faced with closed borders due to temporary measures like those imposed during the pandemic.


The Nomad Capitalist Lifestyle underscores the significance of having multiple passports, offering enhanced protection and opportunities.


A queue at an airport check deck
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Focusing on offshoring options and diversifying investments, this lifestyle advocates for the necessity of a second passport, particularly for high-net-worth individuals seeking stability amidst volatile markets, natural calamities, and political turmoil.

Residence and Citizenship by Investment Programs

While possessing a powerful passport holds merit, the allure of having more than one is undeniable.


Several countries worldwide entice foreign investors through residence and citizenship investment programs. These initiatives not only bolster the nation's economy but also provide added advantages to passport holders.


Identifying the Weakest Passports in the World

Nomad Capitalist employs a comprehensive passport ranking system based on three criteria:

  1. Travel Mobility: The number of countries accessible without prior visas, considering visa-free entry, visa on arrival, and electronic travel authority.


  1. Investment Opportunities: The country's economic stability and the potential for offshoring, entrepreneurship, and asset acquisition.


  1. Viability for Second Residency: The appeal and practicality of residing in a specific country.


Here are the five countries with the weakest passports in the world according to the Nomad Capitalist rankings for 2023, highlighting their visa-free scores and limitations:

  1. Libya: Limited Access, Government Instability

Ranked among the weakest, Libya's passport provides visa-free access to 51 countries, primarily within Africa.


However, European and U.S. entry requires prior visas due to governmental instability and security concerns.

  1. North Korea: Restricted Mobility, Limited Overseas Travel

North Korea's passport, seldom issued, offers access to 51 countries.


While overseas travel for its citizens is rare and necessitates supreme leader approval, limited visa-free access exists to select countries.

  1. Nepal: Struggles Beyond Borders

With a visa-free score of 54, Nepal faces limitations due to citizens overstaying visas.


The passport allows access to 54 countries, predominantly in Africa, Asia, and Oceania.


  1. Palestinian Territories: Hindered by Political Volatility

Amid political volatility, the Palestinian Territories' passport enables visa-free travel to 51 nations, primarily in Asia and Africa, while requiring pre-approved visas for the U.S. and European entry.

  1. Somalia: Security Challenges and Limited Global Reach

Scoring 45 for visa-free access, Somalia's passport faces restrictions to neighboring African countries and select Asian and Oceanian territories.


Notably, major countries like the UK, the US, Canada, and New Zealand do not recognize it.


Each of these countries faces unique challenges, including geopolitical issues, terrorism associations, and restricted travel access, which positions their passports among the weakest globally.

Examining the Implications

Despite these rankings, economic, social, and political instability coupled with weak foreign relations underscore these passports' limitations.


The complexities of international travel, coupled with restricted access due to geopolitical issues, add to the passports' reduced significance.

Embracing Mobility with Nomad Capitalist

Navigating visa complexities can be a tedious journey. Nomad Capitalist offers tailored visa programs, ensuring hassle-free mobility aligned with individual needs and lifestyles. 


Passport power isn’t just about crossing borders; it’s about navigating the landscape of global opportunities.


While some passports may rank low, their value for their citizens extends beyond mere travel access. In a world where the real power lies in the freedom to explore, invest, and thrive wherever you choose to call home.


While passports represent more than mere travel documents, their limitations echo the challenges faced by their issuing nations. Amidst these constraints, the quest for favorable treatment through diverse citizenships and enhanced mobility remains essential for those seeking a world of opportunities beyond borders.