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Cristiano Ronaldo's Next Big Award Will Set Him Ahead of Haaland

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
Cristiano Ronaldo shows up a Balon d
Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid | Shutterstock

Cristiano Ronaldo's resurgence in goal-scoring prowess has been nothing short of remarkable.


With 45 goals scored in the current calendar year, the Portuguese football icon is proving that he still has what it takes and is also emerging as the top contender for the prestigious IFFHS Top Goalscorer award.


His closest competitor, Erling Haaland, trails behind with 44 goals, setting the stage for an exciting and captivating battle between the two.


The IFFHS goalscorer award, bestowed upon the player with the most goals in a calendar year, holds special significance for Ronaldo.


As both the first recipient and a four-time winner, he is poised to finish the year on a high note after an unexpected absence from the Ballon d'Or nominations.


In contrast, Haaland faces a more arduous road ahead, with Norway failing to qualify for Euro 2024 after losing to a powerhouse Spain team on October 15.


Turning attention to club competitions, Haaland's challenges intensify against formidable opponents like Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, both known for their defensive prowess.


A resurgent Liverpool and Ange Postecogelu's Tottenham present considerable obstacles, while a Champions League clash against RB Leipzig adds to the hurdles.


What makes Ronaldo's achievements even more astonishing is his age – 38. Some critics attribute his success to the perceived quality of 'Asian soccer,' but recent reports suggest Ronaldo might return to Europe soon to silence skeptics.

Cristiano Ronaldo running with the ball as a player for Al-Nassr in the Saudi Pro League
Cristiano Ronaldo runs with the ball for Al Nassr | Cristiano Ronaldo (Instagram)

The prospect of Al Nassr participating in the 2024-25 UEFA Champions League adds a new layer to Ronaldo's potential accolades.


Historically, only UEFA-affiliated clubs have featured in the Champions League. If Ronaldo's Al Nassr secures an invitation, it opens a significant opportunity for Ronaldo to enhance his legacy.


As the leading goalscorer in the tournament's history with 140 goals and the most UEFA club appearances (197), Ronaldo could further solidify his claim as the best player in the competition's storied history.


In conclusion, Cristiano Ronaldo's pursuit of the IFFHS Top Goalscorer award takes on added significance with the potential Champions League campaign for Al Nassr.


His ability to maintain peak performance at 38 and the prospect of European challenges set him apart from his competitors.


Although the Portuguese superstar is speculated to retire, he doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Ronaldo has been scoring bangers after bangers for Al Nassr, motivating the Saudi team side to an enviable height.


If he secures this next significant award, it will undoubtedly place him above contemporaries like Haaland and Mbappe, solidifying his status as a football legend.