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Cruising holidays are back in Australia

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By Shella Artillero - - 5 Mins Read

P&O Cruises Pacific Explorer restarted cruising in Australia for the first time after COVID-19 pandemic started.

On Tuesday, May 31, P&O Cruises Pacific Explorer resumed cruising in Australia for the first time. With an eager crew and passengers on board, the 2,000-passenger ocean liner took sail from Sydney at sunset heading for Brisbane.

As the Pacific Explorer sailed out of Sydney Heads for the first time in two years and turned left for Brisbane, there were tears of joy and a sunset sail away party that continued late into the night.


The four-night trip up the coast to Brisbane and back will also make history, as Pacific Explorer will berth at the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal for the first time on Thursday.

Needless to say, the historic departure received widespread media attention and was hailed as a critical relaunch of an important economic sector that employs thousands of people and benefits Australian businesses around the country.

P&O’s Pacific Explorer departs Sydney

"Today is an emotional moment in time for so many people who have looked forward to the restart of cruise operations in Australia and the revival of the $5 billion a year cruise sector," said Marguerite Fitzgerald, President of Carnival Australia and P&O Cruises Australia.

"The first guest voyage aboard the flagship Pacific Explorer also symbolizes the return of economic potential for P&O Cruises Australia and its suppliers, shoreside and onboard crew, and travel agent partners."


"Day one of the rebirth of cruising in this region is the inaugural guest trip to Brisbane."

"It's been more than two years since we've delivered a commercial cruise, but Pacific Explorer's onboard personnel did an outstanding job on our recent three-night test sailing from Sydney."

"They looked as if they hadn't been away at all, and they were thrilled to welcome our visitors on board, who will be just as eager to see our crew."
Visit www.pocruises.com.au for more information.