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Cyclists are Outnumbering Motorists on London's Streets

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

In a new document, it has been revealed that the number of people currently using cycles in the streets of London is higher than motorists. A report to the transportation committee of the City of London Corporation shows that cyclists outnumber motorists during peak hours. Surprisingly, those using cycles would outnumber those operating cars in London. This is a figure that has been increasing sporadically throughout the years. Its percentage increase is quite shocking. The City of London Corporation is the municipal governing body of London’s square mile, and they have the full details of the data. 

The traffic count was presented to this committee because of their councillors' meeting, which they later held on the 7th of March, 2023. The percentage of people using cycles for transportation and those operating cars depended on the peak hours. During peak times the London city traffic, those who used cycles as their mode of transportation was 40%. Then for the whole day, the percentage of people using cycles dropped to 27%. Due to restrictions, people now prefer to use cycles over cars on the streets of London. 

Over the past ten years, there has been an increasing reduction in the number of people that use cars in London. This was because of the restrictions on car use in most parts of London. The study which helped determine the numbers used for this calculation was conducted last year in different seasons. The study also revealed that walking on the streets of London remains the major means of transportation in the city. But cycle rides have made huge increments after overtaking motorists in London. 

More Details About the Increment of Cycle Rides in London 

Although walking remains the principal way people move through London, the number has declined consistently over the past few years. Similarly, the number of motorists in London has also declined sporadically. However, the number of cycle rides in London has increased significantly over the past few years. It was shown that the number of people currently using motor vehicles to move from one place to another in London has reduced by more than 80% since 2019.

People in London walk more often (photo by Jeff Stapleton via Pexels)

Assuming you compare the same number of cycle rides in London since the same year in 2019, the percentage has increased by more than 102%. This is a massive figure compared to other modes of transportation. If you compare the numbers of increments and reverse decreases in the rate of motor transportation in London, it has decreased by over 64% since 1999. In comparison, the number of people who have started using cycle rides to move about the streets of London has increased by more than 386% since 1999.

"Long-term trends observed from count data taken from 12 sites across the City since 1999 show motor vehicle volumes continuing to decline and cycle volumes continuing to increase," the traffic order paper to councillors said before their meeting, which was held on 7th March. Many transportation companies are amazed by the numbers as Danny Williams, the CEO of arms-reach government body Active Travel England, termed the new development as "quite astonishing."