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Dior Debuts Baby Care Line, Including $230 Scented Water for Babies

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Dior kid ambassadors promoting Dior baby skin care products
Featured Photo | Dior

Dior, a symbol of timeless elegance, now extends its grace to the youngest members of your family with a new and luxurious treat.


Going beyond the boundaries of couture, Dior introduces a sweet-scented water perfume designed exclusively for babies, alongside other collections that pamper and cherish infants' delicate skin. Immerse your little ones in a world where Dior's commitment to sophistication meets the tender care needed for the epitome of elegance in infancy.


In the world of baby care, Dior has introduced a unique set of products under the Baby Dior skincare range, designed specifically for bathtime use. This collection includes three essential products that cater to the needs of delicate infant skin.


One of these essentials is La Mousse Très Fondant, a foaming cleanser priced at USD 95. This gentle cleanser is multipurpose and is meant for the hair, face, and body, ensuring a thorough yet tender cleaning experience during bathtime.


Accompanying La Mousse Très Fondant is L'Eau Très Fraîche, another cleanser available at the same price point. This particular cleanser is specially formulated to suit the sensitivity of baby skin, providing an extra layer of care.


Completing this pack is Le Lait Très Tendre, a moisturizing hydration milk priced at USD 115. This product goes beyond cleansing, offering the necessary nourishment for a baby's delicate complexion. It's a thoughtful addition to the skincare routine, acknowledging the unique needs of infant skin.


Dior baby care products
Dior baby care products | Dior


Each of these products plays a crucial role in the Baby Dior skincare collection, ensuring that every aspect of a baby's bathtime care is met with sophistication and tenderness. With these offerings, Dior extends its commitment to excellence into the realm of baby care, inviting parents to indulge their little ones in the luxury of gentle and high-quality skincare.


In respect to this remarkable collection is Bonne Étoile, scented water priced at USD 230, meticulously crafted to serve as a perfume for infants. Conceived under the expertise of Dior's Perfume Director, Francis Kurkdjian, this blend offers a sensory delight, uniquely formulated without alcohol and infused with subtle notes of pear, wild rose, and white musk.


The artistry goes beyond the formulation, with Cordélia de Castellane, the Artistic Director of Baby Dior, leaving her mark on the collection.


She lends her creative touch by designing a floral-printed Bonne Étoile bottle, adding a visual allure to the product. This artistic influence extends to equally enchanting containers for the other skincare items in the collection, creating a cohesive and visually captivating product.


Three babies model Dior baby care products
Photo | Dior


Bonne Étoile, with its delicate fragrance and artistic presentation, embodies the essence of Dior's commitment to sophistication and attention to detail. It stands not just as scented water but as a piece of art within the broader canvas of the Baby Dior skincare collection, inviting parents to infuse a touch of luxury into their baby's daily care routine.


The introduction of Adidas and Wales Bonner's FW23 collection reflects the continuous evolution and innovation in the Fashion industry.


However, Dior's venture into baby skincare is a unique blend of tradition and modernity, creating an elegant experience for the newest members of the Dior family.


Reports suggest that even after being recalled, certain baby skincare products continue to cause harm in the market. However, the introduction of Dior baby care products, although expensive, will provide parents with a trustworthy option amidst several other reliable baby care products.


Dior's Baby Skincare collection goes beyond a routine; it's an immersive experience of a luxurious journey into the delicate world of infant skincare. Inviting parents to embrace a realm where sophistication meets tenderness, Dior aims to leave an enduring mark of elegance on the journey of infancy.