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Heartwarming reasons why dogs enjoy stealing your shoes

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
A dog chewing on the shoelaces of a boot
A dog and a shoe | Shutterstock

TikTok user reveals the actual reason why dogs steal footwear 


Owning a dog can be infuriating and sweet at the same time because dogs sometimes do the darndest things.


But this adorable viral video of a dog stealing shoes will completely melt your heart and make you smother your pup with kisses.


A popular TikToker account (@skylars.the.limit) took to her page to share a  heartwarming 8-second video of her golden retriever pup with sad puppy eyes lying in its crate and worried about something.


The first few seconds will leave you wondering why a dog seems genuinely bothered until you watch to the end and discover one of the sweetest moments ever!


Skylar had stolen (hidden) a shoe in his crate, but this was not a regular dog mischief. He did it because he wanted to feel safe and closer to its owner.


Other dog owners commented that they always found a missing pair with their dog, and the explanation given by Skylar’s parent via the caption confirmed the real reason dogs sometimes loved to steal shoes.

"Did you know that one of the reasons dogs steal your shoes is because they smell like you, and that acts as a security blanket for them," she wrote.


A dog in a cage with a shoe; Tiktok screenshot
The Tiktoker posted a Golden Retriever nestled in a cage with a shoe | Skylars.the.limit/Tiktok


So the next time you find your missing shoe in your pup’s bed, remember they are not trying to destroy your favorite shoe or ruin your day; they would love a cuddle, which felt like a better option since it smells like you.


Here are other adorable videos of dogs to brighten your day.



Since Skylar’s story has taught us that dogs steal shoes to feel a sense of security when their parents are not there, it is important to actively seek ways to make your pup feel safe as a dog mom or dad.


We compiled a list of 3 ways to create a safe and calming environment for your dogs while you are away;


  1. Train Them To Manage Your Absence

Start by teaching them to spend short periods alone (you don’t necessarily have to go out) and helping them recognize when you leave the house so they are mentally aware.


Another pro tip is to leave them with fun dog exercises to keep them occupied while you are away and a treat preventing them from mourning your absence.


  1. Leave On The Television / Lights

Some dogs enjoy a good TV time, so the next time you are tempted to switch off your TV set on your way out because “no one is there,” be reminded that you might be hindering your pup from catching up on their favorite show or series.


Also, you are not the only one who frets about being left behind in a dark room, so do your dog a favor by leaving the lights on when you go out. An adequately lit space provides comfort and familiarity to help them feel safe.


  1. Hire A Dog Sitter

This is an ideal option if you can afford it! Just like babies, dogs thrive well when they have an experienced hand to watch and care for them when you are not there. 

When they are familiar with the presence of someone who comes over to “watch” them when you leave, it makes your absence bearable, and they can always look forward to your return without feeling anxious or threatened.