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This Drake Lookalike Gets Everyone Talking After Ice Spice Dress-up

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Musician Drake
Drake | Shutterstock

In the realm of celebrity doppelgangers, we often stumble upon lookalikes that leave us with dropped jaws and doubled-over laughter.


The latest viral sensation on the internet has brought forth a surprising yet uproarious encounter between two worlds that couldn't be more different—Drake and Ice Spice.


A short clip that emerged on social media recently has taken the online world by storm, leaving viewers in disbelief and fits of laughter.


Dae, a social media user who goes by the handle @daevionstaples, decided to get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up as none other than Ice Spice. His transformation was nothing short of iconic, with his vibrant red curls and a pink tracksuit that perfectly channeled the style of the Bronx rapper.


Drake lookalike in an Ice Spice costume
Dae took the internet into a frenzy with Drake-Ice Spice mashup | X


What truly sent the internet into a frenzy, however, were Dae's facial hair and stylish sunglasses. These two details, combined with his uncanny resemblance to Drake, left many social media users questioning if the Canadian rap sensation had decided to take on a new persona as Ice Spice.



The viral clip quickly spread like wildfire, amassing over 36 million views from a single tweet alone. It was an astonishing coincidence that the names of the two artists, Drake and Ice Spice, are separated by just two letters, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the situation.


With his newfound fame, Dae took to Twitter to address the confusion. He wrote with a hint of humor and a dose of humility, "Drake probably hates me for all these videos like sir, I love you, I’m sorry," accompanied by crying-laughing emojis.


"Obviously, I’m not Drake lmaooo like what do y’all not understand."


While the world was busy having a good laugh at the mix-up, Dae was pleasantly surprised when Summer Walker reposted his transformation on her Instagram Stories.


Now, he's on a quest for reactions from none other than Nicki Minaj or Ice Spice herself, hoping to get the seal of approval from the stars who inspired his Halloween costume.


Drake has had numerous encounters with impersonators, both in person and virtually. This isn't the first time.


Recently, a partygoer spotted at a Drake Night event in Brooklyn caused a stir on the internet. This further solidifies that Drake's influence expands beyond music and Halloween celebrations.


As for the real Ice Spice, she left her mark with a stunning "Betty Boop" onstage at Power 105.1’s Powerhouse concert.


The performance was so scorching that a fan even handed her a bible once the show ended, which left everyone in awe and further proved the power of her stage presence.


In a twist of fate, we witnessed the hilarious fusion of Drake and Ice Spice, two artists from different worlds, both conquering the internet and captivating the imaginations of fans worldwide.


While Dae may not be the real Drake, his portrayal of Ice Spice brought laughter and entertainment to countless viewers, leaving us all wondering who might be the next celebrity to appear in our feeds unexpectedly, thanks to a bit of creative costuming and an uncanny resemblance.