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Drake's Adorable 6-Year-Old Son is Like His Father in Many Ways

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Adonis Graham in his music video
Adonis Graham brings out the vibe in new music video | Youtube

In a heartwarming display of talent and family bonding, Drake's 6-year-old son, Adonis Graham, recently captured the world's attention with his freestyle rap video.


The young prodigy's performance showcased his budding creativity and his special father-son relationship with the famous musician.


A Surprise Birthday Release


On October 15, the world-renowned musician Drake delighted his fans by releasing a new rap video on Instagram featuring none other than his son, Adonis.


In the video, Adonis displays an impressive range of talents, from playing basketball with his friends and lifting weights in the gym to conducting a mock press conference with his father by his side.


Drake's social media post read, "Happy birthday my son... MY MAN FREESTYLE OUT NOW," demonstrating the proud father's support for his son's artistic endeavors.


Adonis's freestyle video isn't his first appearance in his father's work. He previously made a cameo in Drake's video for the song "8 AM in Charlotte," which was part of Drake's album "For All the Dogs." In this video, the father-son duo shares a heartwarming conversation about a drawing Adonis made, further highlighting the bond they share.


Besides his newfound talent as a young rapper, Adonis is also a creative illustrator. His beautiful drawing, which his father playfully inquires about in the video, reveals his vivid imagination and artistic skills. Adonis's explanation of the drawing, complete with a story about a goat, showcases the young artist's storytelling abilities.



Father-Son Bonding Over Basketball


Drake and Adonis also share a passion for basketball and have been spotted at various NBA games together.


Drake watches his son Adonis Graham play with a basketball
Drake looks on as Adonis bounces a basketball | Instagram


The enthusiastic Toronto Raptors fan rapper often takes his son to games. Their shared love for the sport adds to the father-son bond they cherish.


A Look into Adonis's Life


Adonis is the son of Drake and French artist Sophie Brussaux. Although Drake and Brussaux are not in a relationship, they have successfully co-parent their young son.


Brussaux, known for her colorful celebrity portraits, often shares special moments in Adonis's life on her official Instagram, referring to herself as "Mom to the greatest little human in the known universe and beyond."


Drake publicly confirmed his fatherhood on his 2018 album "Scorpion." In one of the album's tracks, "Emotionless," he raps about the challenges of being a single father and the reasons behind his initial decision to keep Adonis out of the public eye. Drake's openness about fatherhood in his music demonstrates his commitment to his son.


Matching Hairstyles and Onstage Appearances


The bond between Drake and Adonis extends to their appearances. They have sported matching hairstyles, showcasing the strong connection between father and son.


Furthermore, in May 2021, when accepting the Artist of the Decade Award, Drake brought Adonis onstage during the Billboard Music Awards. Adonis's presence during this momentous occasion emphasized the importance of family to the artist.


Drake's son, Adonis Graham, is more than just a famous father's child; he's a rising star in his own right.


Watch Adonis freestyle in his new music video...