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England's Baby Loss Certificate to Include Dead Babies Before 24 Weeks

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Grieving parents hold shoes of dead baby in comforting embrace
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The UK government has now made provision for mothers who lost their babies before 24 weeks of pregnancy to apply for baby loss certificates.

According to the government, it is a voluntary scheme that recognizes the effect of loss on the parent. 

Loss of pregnancy and miscarriage before 24 weeks of pregnancy is a common pregnancy complication in the UK, with an estimated one out of five women.

The UK ministers said they have listened to the pains of the bereaved parents, and the scheme is to recognize the extent of the loss to the bereaved parent.  

Campaigners for the baby loss certificate showed their excitement and relief, saying that families around the world would finally have a legal acknowledgment of the existence of their babies.

The application for a baby loss certificate is open for parents who lost their babies from September 2018 till date. 

England Baby Loss Certificate Campaign 


Zoe Clark Coates, who runs a charity support organization for pregnancy loss called The Mariposa Trust, raised the campaign for the baby certificate. She campaigned for nine years for its approval. 


The Chief Midwifery Officer for England, Kate Brintworth, also expressed her satisfaction with the approval of England's baby loss certificate, which symbolizes the importance and significance of early pregnancy loss to the bereaved family.


A crying woman at the edge of a bed
Bereaved mother | Claudia Wolff/Unsplash


The Minister of Women's Health Strategy, Maria Caulfield, also said it is a formal operation that recognizes the effort and pain of parents who lost their babies.


According to her words to Nick Ferrari, Caulfield said, "Up till now, You don't get a certificate when you lose a baby before 24 weeks. There's no other way to record the birth of the babies, and parents find this very tasking; it is just as if the baby never existed, which contributes to the mental pain and loss that they are experiencing." 


She continued: " I have had conversations with parents in their 70s and 80s about the babies they lost decades ago, and the pain was as fresh and real as it was then."


Mrs. Caulfield spoke about the unit where bereaved parents who lost their babies are attended to; it is a special section that assists families in recovering from the physical and mental health of losing babies.


She further explained that not all hospitals make provisions for such treatment, which should be added as a compulsory unit in every maternity hospital.


Victoria Atkins, the Health Secretary, also said, "Losing a baby can be traumatic, and the introduction of baby loss certificates can help in reducing the pain and effects that come with it"


She added, "I'd like to appreciate the campaigners' effort for their consistency in launching the baby loss certificate."


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How To Apply For Baby Loss Certificate

Anyone who wants to apply for a baby loss certificate on the website must have:

  • At least one loss experience under 24 weeks from September 2018.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Must be living in England at the time of loss and currently in England.
  •  Must be the baby's parent or a surrogate.