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Exploring Mykonos: A Hidden Gem in the Greek Islands

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By Shella Artillero - - 5 Mins Read

Mykonos has been associated with pleasure, sun, and the sea since the 1960s. It is a haven for those who enjoy beach parties and glitzy clubs that stay open late.

Hora, the island's main harbor and city, is a particularly charming and gorgeous part of this Cycladic treasure. Visitors can't help but get lost in the maze-like ancient district, which features low-rise whitewashed buildings with glossy red, blue, and green-painted doors, window shutters, staircases, and balcony frames.

Hora is full of eye-grabbing sights and colors.

Turning a corner reveals churches with blue or burgundy roofs, bright bursts of pink and purple flowers, tiny fishing boats lazing in the harbor, and a variety of outdoor eateries, bars, and shops selling everything from designer handbags and Mykonian trinkets to Cycladic landscape paintings and Greek Orthodox iconography.

Hora can get crowded, especially on the terrace of the chaotic Little Venice neighborhood, which is occasionally splashed by foaming waves, but it's simple to find tranquility on the island's capital.

It can be in the alleys, hidden from the city's bustle and peaceful save for the occasional purring cat, or it might be up on the windswept hillside dotted with windmills from the sixteenth century. You'll have plenty of space to breathe up here for the majority of the day, but as dusk approaches, crowds start to assemble to see that massive ball of fire fall into the Aegean Sea, signaling the start of yet another evening of partying.

It could be in the alleys, tucked away from the commercial buzz and silent apart from the occasional purring cat.


One of the most well-known vacation spots in Greece, Mykonos has both a port and an international airport

As a result, it may be reached by plane from Athens and many other international airports as well as by ferry from Athens' Piraeus and Rafina ports and numerous Aegean islands (Santorini, Paros, Naxos and more).

It is also accessible on day trips from nearby islands like Paros and Naxos.

On Celestyal's seven-night idyllic Aegean cruise, which departs and arrives in Athens (Piraeus) between April and October and also makes port calls at Santorini, Rhodes, and Kusadasi, you may experience Mykonos by day and night (Turkey).

For more information on visiting Mykonos and Greece, see visitgreece.gr