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Google Caught Tweeting With An iPhone in Mock Tweet to Tim Cook

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Brand marketing battles are exciting for spectators. For Google and iPhone, the battle for who grabs the best interest of the technological world is even keener. However, Google appears to have gotten it wrong when it took a dig at iPhone’s Tim Cook.

Following the launch of the new Google Pixel 7, the tech giant is leaving no stone unturned to promote its new product. As Apple remains one of the main rivals of the brand, consistent slurs are subtly thrown at each other. Sometimes encoded in cryptic tweets and other forms to make their stand.

The US Google Pixel team targeted such jabs at iPhone’s CEO Tim Cook on the 22nd of October. Earlier, Cook posted a promotional video ahead of the new Apple iPad Pro launch.


The iPhone chief made the tweet with this caption: “The possibilities are endless. #TakeNote”

The #TakeNote hashtag is a popular slogan used often by the NBA team Utah Jazz on Twitter.

Google had responded with a tweet to deride the promotional tweet.

“Hmmmm Okay, I See You. #TakeNote @NBA fans… #TeamPixel is here to get you closer to your favorite team - tell us yours and we might be able to make your NBA Tip-Off even better.”

However, in a funny twist, Google became an unprepared part of its joke when they were caught tweeting with an iPhone. 

The blunder was quickly noticed by an eagle-eyed Twitter user who began trolling the Pixel account. The screenshots of the Google-with-iPhone tweet already turned viral even as Pixel swiftly deleted the tweet and reposted with Twitter’s web app.


Multiple accounts reacted to the comical occurrence and called out Google’s hypocrisy. A Twitter user with the username @MKBHD said, “Social media manager for a phone company using an iPhone to tweet. A timeless classic”.

The new effects of the new blunder

Apparently, this isn’t the first time any phone company is making such an error. Particularly for iPhone, many rival brands have been identified to have used their products to make posts on social media.

For instance, Alicia Keys was made the creative director for BlackBerry in 2013. She told the public that she had given up her iPhone for a BlackBerry Z10. Unsurprisingly, the star was caught making another tweet with an iPhone; however, she quickly defended herself, attributing the tweet to have been made by hackers.

In similar events, Samsung has also been spotted making a tweet with an iPhone. Even more, interestingly, Apple has been spotted doing likewise. One of the top gadget-maker franchises, Apple Music, was spotted tweeting from an android device while trying to promote its music app.