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Now You Can Filter Searches on Google Drive on Android

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Google Drive app on Android
Google Drive on Android | rafapress / Shutterstock

Google recently updated its Google Drive app for Android, with the aim of providing users with useful improvements.

One of the features that has been introduced in this update is "filter files in Google Drive," which makes it easier to search for files directly on Android devices.

This feature is similar to what iOS users already have, which shows that Google is committed to improving things for everyone.

Now, finding specific files in the Google Drive app on Android is simpler.


New filters are under the search bar, letting you narrow your search quickly. You can choose things like file type, who owns the file, or when it was last changed, making finding exactly what you need faster.

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To enhance the speed of searching, Google introduced the filter feature to help users avoid going through a tedious list of results.

These filters are dynamic and change in real-time to display relevant options based on your search query.

Under the search bar, you can find filters by file type (documents, PDFs, photos, presentations, spreadsheets, videos, etc.) and folders and by the date they were last modified.

These filters can provide you with the appropriate options as you type, regardless of whether you're searching for a particular type of file or trying to locate something based on its owner or the date it was modified.

Google Drive screenshot viewed with a magnifying glass
Google Drive | dennizn / Shutterstock

One great thing about these smart filters is that they appear right below the search bar so you can use them quickly. This design makes it easy to apply filters without going through many menus.

The new search filters in Google Drive for Android make the mobile experience similar to using it on a computer. This change means you get the same experience on different devices, which makes switching between them easier.

Google's advanced search filters are also compatible with both personal and Workspace accounts, allowing users of all account types to benefit from them.

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Google's commitment to inclusivity is evident in this feature. As Google continues to enhance its tools, users can expect more updates that will further streamline and expedite their search processes.

Improving Efficiency with Filters

The latest Android Google Drive update helps you work smarter on the go with its new filtering feature.

These filters are like little helpers that change based on what you're looking for, so you quickly get the most helpful results.

Google now offers these cool filters to improve your search experience and save you time on your Android phone.

They're right there under the search bar, so you can get to them in a jiffy.

Wrapping Up 

Google has taken a significant step towards enhancing its services by introducing search filters in the Google Drive app for Android. With the help of intelligent filters and easy search options, users can now manage their digital files more efficiently. Google has been at the forefront of developing tools that cater to the requirements of users worldwide and continues to set the standards as technology advances.