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Hailey Bieber Reveals Why She's Scared of Making Babies with Justin Bieber

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Hailey Bieber
Hailey Bieber/Instagram |
Hailey Bieber
Hailey Bieber/Instagram


Popular Hailey Bieber has finally opened up on her desire to one day raise her kids. However, she fears having a baby with her husband, Justin Beiber, the prize-winning pop singer.


The supermodel has spoken out in the public eye due to the online criticism she has received over the years.


The supermodel spoke about her fears in an Interview on her future with the hit pop singer, and the thought of having a baby in the public eye with her significant other makes her cry “all the time.” she said, “I want a baby so badly, but I'm scared. It’s enough that people say things about my husband or my friends. I can’t imagine having to confront people saying things about a child,” “We can only do the best we can to raise them. As long as they feel loved and safe.” Hailey explained. 


Speaking to Vogue Arabia in 2018, Hailey earlier dropped a hint on the possibility of having children. The model revealed that she “can’t wait” to have kids. A couple of years later, during an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Hailey again shared that, although she initially wanted to have kids “right away,” she eventually changed her mind as she is still very “young.”


She said, “I think I had it embedded in my head that I was going to want to have kids right away at a very young age . “but when I turned 25, and I’m like, I’m still super, super young.” Hailey explained.


Hailey and Justin Bieber's marriage remarkably stood the test of time on countless occasions, from when the supermodel was accused of "stealing" Justin from her ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez who previously dated the pop singer, to when she was embroiled in a public spat with Justin's ex Selena Gomez and rumors circulated that the pair were "feuding. The 26-year-old Hailey Bieber has been married to pop music icon Justin Bieber since 2018, and the couple's relationship has blossomed.


Justin and Hailey Bieber kissing


Awwwnnnnn! Justin Also Wants A Baby 


During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2020, Justin revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that he was ready to have "as many offspring as Hailey is willing to push out" He further explained: "I would love to have me a little one. But, yeah, it's her body and whatever she wants to do. ... I think she wants to have a few."


Ellen then asked the 'Sorry' hitmaker if there was a reason why the couple were waiting to extend their family. Justin replied: "There is not an issue. But  Hailey still has some dreams she wants to accomplish as a woman, and I think she's just not ready yet. And that's okay."